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Yahoo Battles on Two Front for Your Clicks

As Yahoo regroups and rebuilds since the installation of Marissa Mayer as CEO, we take a look at their recent activity and try to get an idea of what they're trying to do. Obviously, they're trying to be on par with Google and Facebook in terms of hits, uniques, exposure and popularity.

Can Yahoo follow their models of success? Google of course has the most popular search engine and Facebook shares the same popularity for its social media site. What Mayer has done so far to compete with those sites have been both structurally and cosmetically. From multi-million dollar acquisitions to site overhauls, she is putting a multi-faceted plan in place for success.

But what is that plan exactly and where does that path lead? No one can put a finger on it right now but let's take a look at one of her biggest moves: the acquisition of Tumblr. The highly popular blogging site is a hit among the younger demographic (14-29). One would look at this acquisition as a purchase of traffic for future ad spots, but does it enhance the Yahoo brand? Many experts reiterate that they overpaid for the social blogging site but they hope it can be on par with Facebook and Twitter.

The Flickr overhaul came with some disdain from long time users of the photo site. They did not like the new social media features as they believed that it was an attempt to make Flickr into Instagram. The old Flickr revolved around photos, photosets, and specific photo community and interests. The new Flickr involves more social media integration and instant uploads; That move indicates a push of the site for younger audiences. Will it top Instagram at all? Not at this point.

The logo overhaul brought a little controversy as Marissa gleefully boasted in her blog that she took a "weekend" off and consulted her designers and interns to come up with a design. First of all, that was kind of an insult to graphic designers -- the logo of a multi-million dollar Internet company should not be planned and designer playfully over a weekend. These things take planning, testing and by taking a look at the logo -- kerneling. Though the unveiling became headline news for plenty of news sources, it didn't boost the stock price.

It's good that Yahoo has the budget and the resources to throw darts at a wall to determine what to do next. They are doing a lot and they can handle the load, but sooner or later they have to make their mark with something. Mayer is well known for being adaptive and innovative with product, but at this point, it's hard to see where the company is going. But the good thing is that they are going -- and in many directions. This will hopefully lead somewhere.

Image credit: Ged Carroll on Flickr



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