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More Apps Your Business May Appear On

We have gone in detail of how your business can be reviewed on the website, Yelp. There it can be reviewed, appraised and documented with photos, videos, etc. But there are more websites on the Internet that your business may appear on.

Mobile websites viewed on smartphones and on tablets is the norm now as users can view sites and apps on-the-go. The aforementioned review site Yelp has its own mobile app for users to post reviews and pictures of the businesses they visit. But there is more than Yelp -- so we decided to list a few good ones.

Foursquare - Possibly the number two site in this genre but it was the forerunner in the “check-in” system. While not giving you the ability to do long form reviews, Foursquare is well known for its check-in and honors. The honors are titles given to users who frequent a specific location constantly.

As a business owner, you should get to know these users who become the “mayor”, “governor”, “king” or whatever of your business. If your business is a restaurant, then you should keep an eye out for this “king” or “queen” and thank them for their patronage. This level of customer goes a long way on the Internet and it can turn into great advertising.

Yelp - We discussed Yelp many times but the mobile app is great as well. They copied Foursquare’s check-in system to make users into “dukes” and “duchesses” of a location. It’s another case where you as a business owner should take care of your best customers. But Yelp have “Elite” users and those who posted many reviews. Keep an eye out for these customers as they have a strong voice on the site.

TripAdvisor - Many travel sites like Expedia and Priceline have their own review system where users post their recent travel experiences at certain location. There is also a “Near Me Now” feature where users can geo target themselves and find all the reviewed businesses that are literally “near them now”. And much like Yelp, you can list your business onto the site and have users begin reviewing.

The point of these app is to give users instant access to reviews and deals to the locations around them. You can counter these apps by getting to know the “elite” users of these apps and take good care of them. But do your due diligence by listing your business as soon as possible and responding to reviews.

Image credit: Nan Palmero on Flickr



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