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The Point of Livecasting

During the season of autumn, primarily before the holiday shopping season, tech consumers will be bombarded with new gadgets. And as customary operating procedure goes, before a product gets launched, it must have a presentations. In the digital age, these product presentation are not just for a handful of members of the industry and press, it is for everyone now.

Product presentations are now broadcasted globally via live streaming. The moment Apple releases a new iPhone or iPad, or when Samsung comes out with their new Galaxy product -- expect that the presentation will occur on stage with the CEO or some product manager touting their new product. But moreover, that presentation will be shown around the world on the Internet via live stream.

This is where the hype begins; This is where the marketing, advertising starts officially and rumors and opinions get verified or squelched. When any product has their debut presentation live casted -- a stream of social media posts, blog entries and articles are soon to follow. In the case of CNET and Twit.tv, there is a live cast to the live cast where tech pundits voice their opinions simultaneously with the presentation.

It used to be the case that presentations were an exclusive, closed door event. Rumors usually emitted from the first sight of a new gadget or video game. We are finding now that companies like Apple and Samsung are fully disclosing everything in live presentations. Specifications, screenshots and user interaction are elements of the presentation that are now required to appease the public’s curiosity.

To supplement live casting, an updated website usually follows the presentation. For example, the presentation of the latest iPhone created major buzz. Apple expected this buzz and had an updated website with product photos and specifications ready the moment the presentation was over. The brief hour long presentation followed by the new website must be a busy time for the company.

Live casting your new product or business should be something you should experiment with. Most computers now have a webcam, even smartphones have HD video. You can even live cast off your phone onto YouTube, Livestream or Justin TV. Start the hype of your company through all its phases (start-up to full-fledged business) through livecasting -- build your audience and let them in on your progress.

Image credit: Karl Baron on Flickr



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