The 5 Best Car Washing Services in 2021

Car cleaning services help you to maintain a tidy vehicle. The top car washing services give simple pricing and good service. Ideally, they are widely available, too. They have locations and consistent business practices across multiple states and regions. 

A no-frills car washing service will run you less than $10. This is true for the drive-through kind, with DIY vacuuming.

A complete car washing service has vacuuming, shampoo, wipe-down, etc. Here, the cost can vary widely depending on the size and soil level of your car. It also depends on the degree of service you choose. You will have to pay upwards of $20 for car washing services that have interior vacuuming. For high-level detailing, the cost can be $300.

We have made a list of the best car washing services. These have an impeccable reputation, extensive training programs, skilled support team and require quite an affordable cost & fees.


The Top Car Washing Services


1. Mister Car Wash Has the Best Drive Through




1. Hundreds of locations nationally

2. Monthly memberships for unlimited washes

3. Rewards program



1. Interior services not available at all locations 


Mister Car Wash has more than 300 locations in operation. The company provides quick services and a no-frills drive-through. This has earned the trust of drivers across the entire nation.

You may be looking to shine your vehicle without a full interior detail. Then, a classic conveyor car wash can go a long way. It has more than 300 locations around the country. So, Mister Car Wash is one of the most widely available options.

The company's top offering is the drive-through car wash. This costs $7. It utilizes a T3 conditioner to clean your wheels and wash away impurities. There are several add-ons for those looking to elevate the experience. Hot wax, rain repellent, and tire shine are some upgrades in the more premium packages.

Mister Car Wash is a great service for those looking to keep a clean car exterior. Frequent users can sign up to get unlimited washes for a month. Some locations even offer interior detailing services. Check with your nearest franchise if you are looking for more than a standard drive-through wash.


2. Ziebart Has the Widest Availability




1. Many locations

2. Customizable options for detailing

3. Employee-owned



1. Pricing varies across locations

2. More costly than many more basic competitors


Ziebart is a giant in car maintenance with hundreds of locations all over the planet. It offers an extensive slate of services. The service is available in most metro areas.

Ziebart was founded in 1959. It is best known in the automobile industry for its rust-proofing services. The international company has extensive resources and top-of-the-line tools. This makes their luxury detailing services some of the best in the business.

Ziebart is employee-owned since 1995. It offers interior detailing services that disinfect and restore surfaces: Every fabric in the car is vacuumed, treated, cleaned, and deep shampooed. Fabric protection is available to guard against future spills. A leather conditioner is used to restore or maintain the luxury look of interiors.

Exteriors get the VIP treatment as well. The process removes grime caused by weather, oxidation, tree sap, insects, and other things. Application of the optional Aquapel rain repellent helps to provide better nighttime visibility to drivers. It can make rainy days less harrowing. This is done by helping water roll off your windshield quickly.

Pricing varies by location, service, and car style, so you will need to contact your nearest branch for an accurate quote. 


3. MobileWash Provides the Best Value




1. Convenient mobile app

2. Instant quotes

3. Lowest Price Guarantee



1. Limited locations

2. Prices are not standardized across all locations


MobileWash gives a car cleaning service with a low-price guarantee. The firm is more of an app than a car cleaning company. It partners with car detailing professionals in several cities. The firm gives on-demand services across Nevada, Texas, California, and Florida.

MobileWash ensures that customers get the best deal possible for mobile detailing.

The company has top reviews for service and gets thousands of users every week.


Download the mobile app and share your location to book its services. Then, indicate when you want your wash. You may have it immediately or scheduled in the future. Then, stay tuned for an instant quote.

MobileWash only partners with local providers who are verified and vetted. The prices and available services vary by location. MobileWash finds the best deal in your area. Its in-app discounts and promotions promise additional savings for repeat customers.

The prices may still not impress you. Then the customer service might seal the deal. The multi-lingual support staff is available via telephone, email, in-app messaging, and text. So, any potential issue is sure to be resolved quickly. 


4. DetailXperts Provides the Best Detailing




1. Unique steam cleaning method

2. Eco-friendly practices

3. Loyalty program

4. Top reviews



1. Not yet available everywhere

2. Appointment pricing and scheduling are not intuitive online.


DetailXperts was founded in Detroit in 2002. This company specializes in deep-cleaning interiors. It uses a steaming method. It kills 99 percent of bacteria and germs and has no toxic residue.

Emmanuel Williams' young son gave him the idea to clean cars using steam instead of water. Williams began tinkering with new practices. He landed on a winner with the eco-friendly steam cleaning tactic. DetailXperts utilizes that tech at more than a dozen addresses around the nation.

DetailXperts has top-notch reviews both for responsiveness and quality of work. They offer conditioner application, glass cleaning, vacuuming, and wipe-down. In addition, they steam clean nearly all of the interior in every vehicle.

The company's process is said to kill 99 percent of bacteria and germs. It leaves behind no toxic residue. It can also be used to sanitize a car's air conditioning system. Prices vary by location and package. There are extra charges for incredibly soiled vehicles.

DetailXperts also offers a loyalty program. It is for those wanting to keep their cars in top shape. The more you steam clean your car, the more credits you earn. You can then use those credits toward free and discounted services. 


5. Spiffy is the Overall Best




1. Convenient mobile service

2. Washes offered at four different levels

3. Eco-conscious practices



1. Service not available in all areas

2. More costly than other options


This North Carolina-based company comes to you. It offers detailing and car washing services. It also gives oil changes, tire care, glass replacement, and disinfectant. The company was founded in North Carolina. It now serves areas in more than 20 states. 

Spiffy's most fantastic perk is its convenience. Book an appointment via Spiffy's mobile app. Their technicians come to you with their power and water supply. The business runs from sunup to sundown. All users need to do is hand over the car keys.

Spiffy's rates start at $50 for the most basic car wash. This includes services such as extensive vacuuming, interior detailing, and exterior wash. The price varies by services received and the size of the car. Cleaning a sedan will cost less than an SUV.

Users can continue to add options, too. Packages run as high as $300. The premium package takes three to five hours. It offers paint-enhancing gloss and deep upholstery shampoo.

Spiffy technicians undergo more than 100 hours of training. You can pay and rate your experience in the app after your appointment is complete. 



Spiffy was the best car cleaning service in our results. This is due to its convenient and on-demand business model. Spiffy also has a wide range of prices and perks.

Spiffy was not the cheapest option around. This is as the basic washes are priced in the vicinity of $50. However, it gives a very simple app, flexible services, and transparent pricing. These factors make Spiffy a top choice for users who want a quality wash quickly.

DetailXperts stood out as a top detailing service. This is due to its unique steam cleaning method. Users in many cities have appreciated the quality of customer service. They have been very satisfied with the service.

MobileWash claims to defeat the costs of other on-demand wash services. Ziebart has locations all around the nation. This makes it a reliable choice for car detailing. Mister Cash Wash gives a no-frills drive-through wash.

You may be looking for a car washing service. Then, using any one of these services will get the job done every time.



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