Top 15 Online Car Review Websites in 2021

At present, you have easy access to purchasing more types of vehicles than at any time in history. With a few clicks, you can track down almost any desired make and model. 

At the same time, manufacturers now offer more safety and niche features on their vehicles for you to choose from than ever before.

This amount of choice can be overwhelming when all you want to find is the optimal car for your lifestyle.


According to the 2016 Car Buyer Journey survey:


1. During the car buying process, 60% (5 hours and 12 minutes) of time is spent using third-party websites or apps to research and shop.

2. 88% of car buyers use the internet to shop for an auto

3. 78% of people shopping for cars use third-party sites or apps during the car buying process

4. 71% of users say they purchased the vehicle they initially intended to buy once they visited a dealership

5.  out of 10 consumers say they are open to considering vehicles across makes and models


Various websites provide car reviews to help you sort through all of that noise.

These reviews often vary in accuracy and quality. Some sites provide incredible insights, and others barely take the time to check the owner manual.

We took the time to review the reviewers and are happy to present the fifteen best online car review websites in 2021.

These sites are not ordered in any particular way and are not on this list based on their traffic numbers. The following websites offer some of the best online car reviews on the internet today.


The Best Online Car Review Sites


1. Car and Driver



The magazine Car and Driver was founded in 1955 as Sports Cars Illustrated. 

The company has built a reputation as one of the country's finest automobile reviewers and content creators in the past 65 years.

Now, the Car and Driver website continues the success of the classic magazine by providing long-form and in-depth online car reviews.

Car and Driver have professional photography, well-thought-out articles, stat comparisons, and more. You cannot go wrong in your next big auto purchase after consulting Car and Driver. 

The area that will most interest you as a consumer is the Editors' Choice Awards they conduct.

The experts at the magazine published an in-depth comparison of every significant vehicle that came out in its class (hatchback, sedan, etc.).


2. MotorTrend


MotorTrend is another classic magazine. It successfully made the transition to the internet with its integrity intact.

MotorTrend is older than Car and Driver by six years. It was founded in September 1949. Now, this automobile specialty magazine runs one of the largest online car review websites around.

MotorTrend also provides quality discussions and reviews on both old and new cars. The most significant feature for consumers is the massive chunk of the website dedicated to the buyer's guide.

They make it incredibly easy to find the best possible vehicles for you, broken down by style, price, MPG, and more! You can then compare that vehicle to its direct competitors.


3. Edmunds



There seems to be a trend here. Edmunds was a newsstand publication from the 1960s that has grown into a nationally recognized resource.

Edmunds offers you a plethora of options to browse through vehicles. The site also has many in-depth online car reviews to help you make your purchasing decision.

Edmunds may not have the best reviews compared to Car and Driver. But they have perhaps the most accessible system for narrowing down the suitable options for your next car.


4. Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is not an automobile specialist site. But they have one of the best track records for providing unbiased reviews of all major products.

Consumer Reports is an independent, non-profit member organization. This means you can rest assured that the reports are not being influenced.

The Consumer Reports site has hundreds of highly trusted online car reviews to utilize in your research. Always double-check with Consumer Reports if something is sounding too good to be true.


5. Kelley Blue Book


Since 1926, Kelley Blue Book has been a top name in the auto industry.

Pretty much as long as the USA has had cars, Kelley Blue Book has been reviewing them. The modern iteration of the KBB is full of car buying resources that continue on their tradition.

Even though the company is nearing 100 years, they provide some of the best online car reviews for today's vehicles. They are the best resource for evaluating the value of a possible purchase.

The annual awards they give are amongst the most desired in the industry.


6. J.D. Power

J.D. Power has roughly 800 professional consultants and analysts working around the globe. They bring consumers the most up-to-date information and reviews regarding the automobile market.

Another company that goes back decades, J.D. Power, has built itself a big name when providing sound advice and quality awards.

J.D. Power is why so many car commercials refer to awards - it means something.

The prizes they give for best in class or whatever feature you are focusing on are great places to start a car hunt.


7. is one of the largest automotive listing sites on the internet. The site helps customers buy cars, sell cars, and find auto body shops. 


8. DealerRater

DealerRater is another industry-specific website that was created specifically for dealerships. You could probably guess that from the name.

Twelve million people use the site to find the right dealership for them.

Make sure that you are there to convert. 


9. CarGurus



CarGurus helps car buyers to find better deals through data analytics.

The site tells customers when they are getting a fair price or paying too much.

One of the factors that the site considers is Dealer's Reputation, making it essential for you to collect more customer reviews. 


10. Carwise

Carwise helps customers get car repair estimates, find auto repair shops, and schedule appointments.


11. Repairpal


RepairPal helps connect users with trusted auto repair shops that give customers fair prices.

The website also contains a Fair Price estimator to help ensure that customers do not overpay for repairs. 


12. SureCritic

SureCritic is a website that promises to represent real customer experiences.

The site hosts reviews for all types of businesses. But users mainly use it to review auto repair shops. 


13. Google 


It is the review site that buyers care about the most. It is the most visible and the most reviewed: Google.

Start getting more Google reviews by claiming your Google My Business page. It is the easiest thing you can do.

This will help your company be more visible to potential customers.


14. Facebook

Nearly two billion people worldwide are monthly active users of Facebook. That is almost one-third of the global population.

Make sure to create a Facebook business page. Then, you can create custom posts for your followers. 


15. Yelp


While automotive businesses might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Yelp, many customers check the site when looking for new vehicles.  


Reviews matter 

Business is excellent for dealerships all across the United States. America has sold over 17 million cars for four years in a row.

There is a high demand for vehicles and lots of existing cars on the road. This leads to potential business for dealerships and repair shops. 

So how can you get in front of buyers? It is simple: make sure that you are taking care of your automotive business’s online reputation.

More buyers are using online car reviews to decide what dealerships and repair shops to visit. 92% of buyers consult online reviews before making a purchase decision. 

Getting your business listed on online review sites is an excellent way for customers to leave reviews about how much they love your company.

Reviews also assist in you ranking higher than your competitors. Google treats reviews as an accurate gauge of the quality of your services. The better your reviews, the higher you will rank on search.

Getting reviews from your happy buyers has many benefits. This is according to the recent Local Consumer Review Survey Research.


1. 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses

2. Buyers read an average of 10 online reviews before being able to trust a local business.

3. Positive reviews make 68% of buyers more likely to use local businesses.

4. 57% of consumers will only use a business if it has four or more stars



We listed these websites hoping that you can choose the best and then actively compare the features of your top picks.

You could end up with the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle if done correctly.

Trends show that people are taking less and less time to find their car. The processes these websites provide have made it easier to find what you want.

On the flip side, it may also reflect the "hurry up" culture we live in. Take the time to review such a large purchase properly and make the right decision.


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