How To Choose The Right Outdoor Furniture Materials


If you are considering outdoor furniture, you'll likely be looking for similar features that you value in indoor tables, couches, and chairs - providing quality, comfort, style, and cost savings as well. The main difference between the two, however, is that patio furniture must stand up to the elements of the weather. It is impossible to find patio furniture that is completely weatherproof, but it varies greatly depending on the type of material it is made of.

A guide to outdoor furniture materials



The manufacture of furniture has been based on wood for years. There are several advantages to using wood, such as its beauty, ease of use, durability, and general utility. However, it is important to note that not all woods are the same in terms of their suitability for use outside the house. Pressure-treated woods, like pine, cedar, and fir, are available and inexpensive indoor furnishings, but they are not resistant to corrosion and require constant maintenance once they are not in use. As opposed to hardwoods, which resist the effects of the weather and can last a long time if properly maintained. Despite their benefits, they are prone to being hard to shape and can be more costly as compared to softwoods in the long run.



There is no doubt that metal is the strongest and most durable outdoor furniture material available on the market today. The strength of metallic frames allows them to be thinner and more complex compared to other materials, which allows manufacturers to create a broader range of styles. A metal design can also be combined with elements that each provide additional functionality and aesthetic appeal. There are several ways to produce metal chairs that do not require bolts, screws, or other fasteners that can contribute to the breakdown of its counterpart. Even though metal has its advantages, it also has some disadvantages. Heat makes it uncomfortable to touch when it's in the sun. The weight of some metals can be very heavy and difficult to move, as well as being susceptible to damage from rust. However, metals differ in their characteristics.


Wrought Iron

There have been many uses of iron throughout history, including tools, structures, and furnishings, since it has a high degree of durability and strength - if properly maintained, it can last for more than a century. Metals like wrought or cast iron are heavy, making it impossible to move furniture made of these materials. Although it may not be able to withstand the wind, it is not likely to break. It can be easily made into shapes by heating it and hamming it. As a result, wrought iron can be used to produce handcrafted, upscale designs. In contrast, cast iron is poured into a mold after it has been melted, making it heavier and more difficult to handle.

It is important to remember that outdoor iron frames and tabletops, despite being long-lasting, require careful cleaning, maintenance, and anti-rust protection. Modern wrought iron is now equipped with weather-resistant finishes to keep it from deteriorating, leading to an increase in longevity. Furthermore, the metal will be affected by the temperature of the environment - if left out in summer, it will be very hot, and if left out in winter, it will be very cold. Outdoor chairs made from wrought iron are hard and difficult to occupy because they lack upholstery for the backrest and seats.


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Plastic and resins

Plastic and resin, which are made from synthetic materials, have become increasingly popular in outdoor furniture. Hybrid compositions and manufacturing processes allow these polymers to mimic previously unimaginable forms. The advantages of synthetic materials include their lightweight nature, affordability, flexibility, and varying styles. Since they are chemically dyed, their color does not fade, and they require no paint or sealant, which are required by other types of materials. Cleanliness and maintenance are also easy. Plastics and resins come in many forms.


What you need to know about outdoor materials


The effects of rain and moisture

The landscape in which you live is subject to frequent rainstorms, and if there is a high level of humidity, it is important that the furniture in which you live can withstand water damage. The presence of water or moisture can not only cause physical damage to the material but also adversely affect health.


Temperature & Sun

Depending on where you live and what your season looks like, outdoor materials must be resistant to extreme temperatures and UV rays.



As a homeowner living near a windy location, the furniture on your patio must be strong enough to prevent tipping over. The weather can damage lightweight patio chairs and dining tables during harsh weather, so it's best to be safe than sorry when it comes to outdoor furniture. Then, when your items aren't in use, they must be stored or protected.



The durability of weatherproof materials might be exemplary in ideal circumstances but would need to be reconditioned every few months in adverse weather conditions. A variety of elements can be applied to some to keep them looking new for the rest of their lives. The amount of usage also plays a role in durability. In the event that you only use patio dining tables once a year, they are less prone to damage than the daybeds and sun loungers that line the sides of some of the popular resorts and hotels around the world. Material durability should increase with frequent use.



Most people are concerned with the costs associated with deciding between one material and another for the construction of their furnishings. Maintaining your budget is important, but you should also consider the long-term cost of materials and how they compare to the benefits they provide. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of several materials. Examine whether each is in line with the environment you live in, your demands, and what is important to you. Your choice of outdoor furniture material must match your requirements along with its inherent characteristics.


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