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You have a lot of ideas for your website, your social media profile and your Youtube channel. This includes amazing graphics, logos and intro/outro videos. Maybe add in a nice voiceover while you’re at it. You have the plan -- but you don’t want to do the legwork.

Enter, an outsourcing website where you can contract people to do simple jobs at the minimum of $5. The amount of people willing to do work and the amount of jobs they are willing to do are endless. For the most part, the majority of the jobs available are of the digital nature -- so you will naturally see a lot of graphic designers, video editors and voice actors available.

If you are creating a website, online business or creating your own online persona, it would be a great idea for you to hire some of the amazing talents on the site to help you with logos, videos and front-end work. But there is more than that -- there are personalized video greeting cards, custom voice-over work, custom video “news reports” and even customs caricatures. All these elements can be put together into your online or offline creations.

I think issues with work integrity as well as user trust will come to mind naturally. Fiverr has those issues in mind by establishing a reputation and trust rating for their contractors. You can rate, review and give a grade for the person who did work for you -- thus, keeping them in check. Having issues with payment options? You can pay via Paypal, which is a known and safe payment system.

Fiverr will become one of the most addictive sites you will come across -- especially if you are a webmaster, front-end developer or online marketer. The site truly takes out the legwork from the design, wireframing and editing portion of the development process. You will save a lot of time and energy by using this site. Ultimately, you can build your creation on the sweat of other -- capitalism is awesome.

Image credit: Justin Matthew on Flickr


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