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Sparkletts, now a part of Primo Water, is an iconic water brand since 1925. Our purpose is simple: Inspiring Healthier Lives - with Water your Way. Our first neighborhood was Eagle Rock, in the northeast corner of Los Angeles. Our mission then was to be a great-tasting bottled water supplier. Sparkletts offers a multitude of drinking water options - including Spring, Fluoridated, Distilled and Purified. Sparkletts bottled water delivery service brings home the products you love, like great tasting water with the selection of 3- or 5-gallon bottles and case water. Sparkletts offers home and office deliveries as well as water purification services and retail options through refill and exchange. Even though our service area has grown to cover five states, and we deliver more than just water, our goal remains the same, it is to provide quick, easy, and affordable services and we strive to deliver on it every day.

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M-F 5am-6pm, Sa-Su Closed

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