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PUSH San Diego is a one-of-a-kind integrative natural wellness practice that specializes in infertility, prenatal, and postpartum care. This traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinic is conveniently centered in San Diego near the Hillcrest, University Heights, and Mission Hills neighborhoods. The team at PUSH San Diego has expertise in helping women achieve balance and wellness throughout every stage of pregnancy. They provide compassionate in-office care but can also travel to patients' homes, birth centers, or hospital rooms when patients are in labor. The team regularly works with couples, including LGBTQ folks, who are experiencing difficulty getting or staying pregnant. PUSH San Diego offers a dynamic menu of services, including tuina massage, cosmetic acupuncture, navel cupping, and smokeless moxibustion, to name a few. Practitioners also specialize in AcuGraph® exams from Miridia Technology, which provides real-time insights into meridian energy and balance. This innovative technology combines ancient Chinese medicine and modern-day technology. We utilize EarSeeds® for fertility, pain, natural promotion of labor, and many other conditions. We sell New Mama EarsSeed kits that are great for the end of pregnancy and the postpartum period. Patients can also select from a variety of premium doTERRA® essential oils during their services. The practice sells several research-driven products, such as Conceivable customized supplements and Blue Poppy® Chinese herbs, all designed to support a healthy body at any time in life, but especially surrounding pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum stage. Because PUSH San Diego offers so many unique modalities for normal to high-risk and complex pregnancies, patients often experience promising results, even if doctors told them they could never get pregnant. PUSH San Diego is dedicated to giving patients hope through dedicated and personalized support. The team is available when patients need them most, even nights and weekends. Youtube - PUSH San Diego Book Virtual Consultation

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M Closed, Tu 2pm-7pm, W-Th Closed, F 10am-2pm, Sa-Su Closed

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