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Baldwinville...the best kept secret Baldwinville Nursing Home began as a 20 bed facility in 1958 and has grown through the decades in response to the increasing need for high quality care for elders. We are now a 94 bed Medicare certified facility which provides comprehensive rehabilitation and restorative services. Baldwinville Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center is one of only a few non-profit nursing homes in Massachusetts. All income goes directly into services and care for the residents. The focus of our services has always been to concentrate on the most important aspect of operating a nursing home,the resident. Our primary goal is to assist the resident in continuing to live life with the greatest degree of dignity and independence possible. A nursing home is only as good as the people who provide resident care. We shall remain committed to offer highly individualized personal attention to meet each resident's needs. Our program offers: .A single level home environment in a country setting. .Comprehensive rehabilitation services (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy) .Private and semi-private rooms each with its own bathroom. .Residents are offered a wide variety of meaningful activities. Participation is strongly encouraged, but always voluntary. Residents have the opportunity to empower themselves through Resident Council meetings, spiritual fulfillment, cooking, current events, exercise groups, social groups, etc. .In-house services such as barber and hairdressing services available as well as optometry, podiatry, audiology and dental care. .Nursing staff is comprised of long-term dedicated caring professionals. .The Food Service Department maintains the reputation of "fine food" and three nutritious meals are served daily in a restaurant-type setting. Find Us on Facebook

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