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WHAT DOES IT DO? Scalp Micro Pigmentation will: • Give the look of a full, youthful shaved head of cropped hair • Simulate a full-front, side and/or rear hairline • Restore hairlines on part-bald or fully bald heads • Camouflage - permanently - the symptoms of all levels of alopecia • Camouflage scarring resulting from previous hair transplant surgery • Hide scars, burns and birthmarks YOUR SCALP MICRO PIGMENTATION In a nutshell: • Your practitioner will ask about your medical history and conduct a brief scalp examination • You and your practitioner will review and agree the goals and expectations that you both agreed during your initial consultation • This is another opportunity to ask any further questions - nothing is too trivial • We'll take a photograph for your file (strictly private) • We'll let you know how and when to pay your fees and give you a Treatment Sheet which details the treatment agreed between you and your practitioner, along with guarantee and fee structure On your treatment day, you will arrive at the clinic. You can, if you wish, pre-empty any discomfort by taking paracetamol or ibuprofen on arrival at the clinic. You will be greeted with a smiling face, offered a hot or cold drink and settled into a comfortable consultation room with your practitioner to discuss and mark up the chalk-line for your desired hairline. Rest assured that you will not be rushed - we are perfectionists and will only commence once your mind is made up and you are fully committed . When any last-minute questions have been addressed and you and your practitioner are 100% happy with your chalk-line, you will be settled into a luxurious and comfortable massage chair ready for your treatment to commence. You can relax and catch up with the latest music or movies, or chat with your practitioner during your treatment. This part of the treatment can take up to 5 hours for a fully bald client, so we want to make sure you are really relaxed and comfortable. You'll be offered cool drinks and snacks throughout the treatment. Many clients comment that it is a relaxing, zen-like experience! Once your first treatment is complete, you will have an opportunity to look at it from all angles to ensure you are entirely happy with your look. Scalp Micro Boston

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