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Tiny Cuties NYC has years of experience in the teacup puppy industry and many 5-star reviews to prove it! All of our puppies are taken care of in a clean and loving environment. Each puppy gets on-on-one attention to make sure they are happy and healthy. We groom, clean, and play all day! This is your sign to purchase a teacup puppy today. All of our puppies are anxiously waiting for a loving family. If you're on the internet, you've surely heard of teacup puppies. Videos and adorable photos of teacup puppies circle the internet daily. Now, you can get one too! Tiny Cuties NYC of Astoria, NY, has so many teacup puppies for you to choose from. We offer teacup Yorkies, Frenchies, Poodles, Pomeranians, and more!

Business Hours:
M-Su 9am-7pm

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