2021 Toyota Sequoia

MSRP range

$50,400 - $69,675

The 2021 Toyota Sequoia review shows that it is the latest in this line. But it still has not been fully redesigned. This has been made even more apparent by the launch of new rivals in this class. The car has a driver-assistance tech and three rows of seats. The 2021 Toyota Sequoia review will mainly interest families looking for a big SUV with the brand's reliable reputation. The car has spacious interiors to accommodate many passengers. But the refinement and material quality are not so good.


What's new

- A new black exterior trim

- 2008 Second-generation



- Good off-road capability

- Spacious cargo area



- The fuel economy is not good 

- The infotainment system feels outdated


Price Range: $50,400 - $69,675

Pointcom Rating: 7.0/10


The 2021 Toyota Sequoia has a solid V8 engine and a four-wheel drive. Still, the fuel economy is not good at all. The car's towing capacity is also less than what rivals are offering. The 2021 Toyota Sequoia review also includes the TRD Pro. It is a good off-road choice in this segment. But the car's driving experience and design are very outdated now.


Interior Build

The 2021 Toyota Sequoia interiors feel outdated due to the controls and the cheap plastics. But the big knobs and buttons are very functional. The 2021 Toyota Sequoia does not have many modern features. These include massaging front seats, a head-up display, and a heated steering wheel. These are features that are present in similarly priced rivals in this segment. Buyers who are looking for a durable and long-lasting interior without any extra features will enjoy the car. But many others will look elsewhere. The 2021 Toyota Sequoia gives a lot of room to passengers. There is enough legroom in all the rows. The third row is spacious enough to comfortably seat adults. The 2021 Toyota Sequoia can carry a good amount of luggage when the rear seats are stowed.



The 2021 Toyota Sequoia is quite strong and capable. But it does not give a modern feel at the price it is charging. The fuel economy is one of the lowest in the segment. The refreshed technology is still below average, and the interior is outdated. The 2021 Toyota Sequoia has interior materials that are not on par with the ones provided by rivals. The hard-touch plastic does not make it feel that you are sitting in a premium SUV. The brand has good reliability, which helps it to get high resale value. There are also other ownership advantages like free early maintenance. If the poor fuel economy and the outdated interior design do not put you off, you may consider the car.


Technological Changes 

The 2021 Toyota Sequoia has an infotainment system that feels out of its depth when compared to rivals. The seven-inch touch display has an old interface. But the graphics and the response time are good. The count of USB ports in the car has been increased to three to increase connectivity options. The vehicle also has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. But it was a little challenging to connect to the system. It kept disconnecting frequently. There are also four charging ports that are located in the cabin. The active safety tech is very detailed and standard on most models.


Driving Experience 

The 2021 Toyota Sequoia is like a pickup with an SUV roof and three rows of seats. The V8 engine gives the car great power. This makes it suitable for towing boats and trailers. The engine also helps during passing vehicles on the highway. The car goes to 60 miles per hour in less than seven and a half seconds. This is only a few tenths behind the segment leader. The car is not suitable for winding roads as it is very heavy. But it has a light steering that does not give much of the road. But the car is quite agile. The upgraded suspension makes descents and ascents more stable and provides some surety with braking.


Comfort Factor 

The 2021 Toyota Sequoia's main advantages are smoothness and comfort. The seats do not have a lot of side-to-side support. They only act as large chairs that give a lot of long-haul support. The front seats are also limited in their adjustments. But the car has a comfortable ride quality. It does not feel the minor bumps and absorbs many impacts. The wind and tire noise are kept to a minimum. But the engine will make some noise when it is working a lot. The suspension is height-adjustable and gives comfort when the car is towing any load. The air conditioning is strong and makes the back row cold. But even when all the vents are pumping, the front row does not get cold enough.



The 2021 Toyota Sequoia is a large and robust car. It can have a long lifespan, just like its namesake tree. The vehicle has basic technology and an outdated interior design. This makes the car feel very old when it is put next to contemporary rivals. Still, the brand's great reputation, the V8 engine, and fantastic utility give the car many attractions. The car also has a rugged exterior styling and an upgraded suspension that provides stability to the vehicle.

2021 Toyota Sequoia


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