2022 BMW 5 Series Sedan

MSRP range

$54,200 - $76,800

The 2022 BMW 5 series sedan configurations include improved voice controls, a larger touchscreen, and a new front end. There is also a new mild hybrid system for a trim that helps refine the function of the start-stop system in traffic and enhances the car's fuel efficiency. Across the different categories, the 2022 BMW 5 series sedan configurations are not always on the top. But overall, the car is a good premium sedan that deserves some amount of consideration from buyers.


What's new 

- Part of seventh-gen

- High-performance trim added



- Quiet interiors

- Great trunk space



- Some interior materials are average

- Styling does not stand out


Price Range: $54,200 - $76,800

Pointcom Rating: 8.2 / 10


A few critics say that the 2022 BMW 5 series sedan configurations do not have the athleticism level present in the past generations. But the premium vehicle is still well-equipped, comfy, and spacious. These features make for a compelling package overall in the midsize luxury sedan segment. There are also multiple powertrains to make your choice from. This includes a turbo engine, a V8 engine, and a plug-in hybrid for people conscious about protecting the environment. The 2022 BMW 5 series sedan interior is quite chilled out and makes road trips and long commutes very easy for you. This is boosted by the options such as massaging seats.


The 2022 BMW 5 series sedan has tech offerings that are on par with other premium competitors. But the car does not have the driver engagement that it used to have in the past. The controls used to be so smooth that many people would feel that the car was connected to their brain itself.


Interior Build


The cockpit of the 2022 BMW 5 series sedan is great because of the design and the rich materials used inside it. It is a big upgrade when seen in the light of the cabin of its previous models. The car also has a great amount of tech and gives a lot of space for rear-seat passengers. You can also opt for the multi-contour front seats. They adjust in every direction and give loads of comfort. The default seats might not be as good. But you can still modify them in various ways. The 2022 BMW 5 series sedan has a big cargo capacity equal to what the rivals provide. You can fit more than five carry-on suitcases in there. But the cabin does not have storage compartments and cubbies.


The plug-in-hybrid has less trunk space because the battery pack has been placed there. This reduces the cargo capacity by a couple of carry-on suitcases. But unlike other plug-ins, the car gives folding rear seats.




The quality of electronics in the 2022 BMW 5 series sedan is great. This includes the driver's gauge cluster and the central touchscreen. The interior panel is also good. But the materials used for the leather and the wood trim looked a little fake. You will have to pay extra for every optional feature you take. The features are priced fairly well for the class and worth pondering over whether to go for it or not. The company gives four-year warranty coverage that is equal to its premium rivals. But some non-premium rivals offer more. It also provides a three-year free maintenance coverage that is not usual for this class.


Technological Changes


The company is pretty aggressive when it comes to installing new features in its cars. The features of the 2022 BMW 5 series sedan are also quite useful. There are a few features that are better to show off to your friends than practical usage. The audio system gives high-quality sound and is quick to respond to gesture controls. The voice assistant helps to control many vehicle functions with natural language commands. The 2022 BMW 5 series sedan has driver aids that work very well. The adaptive cruise maintains a small gap from the vehicle ahead of the car. The actuating brakes stop firmly yet smoothly when the need arises. A top feature of the 2022 BMW 5 series sedan is the parking cameras. They give a great 3D image of the outside.


Driving Experience


The driving experience may be very important to you. Then, you should think about the 2022 BMW 5 series sedan. Most of the models in the lineup are great performers. The car went 60 miles per hour in just over six seconds. This is good performance for a base engine. Another trim obtained the same speed in just about four and a half seconds.


Comfort Factor


The 2022 BMW 5 series sedan is a very comfy vehicle. This is more so when you opt for the multi-contour front seats. You will also be pleased with the ride quality. It is pretty soft and well-cushioned but does not feel floaty in any way. There is a little amount of road noise that gets in. But there is no wind noise, and you cannot hear the engine when cruising along.



The 2022 BMW 5 series sedan will conform to the expectations of the fans of this series. There is an engine choice for nearly every type of buyer. The handling capabilities of the vehicle are as good as before. The vehicle also has top-notch safety and technological features. Overall, the car gives you great value for money.


2022 BMW 5 Series Sedan


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