Solaire Adjustable Mattress

MSRP range

$2,147 - $4,294

Suppose you have wanted a bed with the precise level of hardness you require. In that case, you will enjoy the Solaire adjustable mattress from Saatva. This high-tech air bed helps you choose the firmness level you enjoy. Also, both the sides of the Solaire adjustable mattress are adjustable. This makes the Solaire a good choice for couples with varying sleep preferences.




- Different firmness levels

- Cool surface


Best For


- Couples with varying sleeping preferences

- People who want a latex foam layer


Not For


- People who need a traditional bed

- Those who are on a budget


Price Range: $2,147 - $4,294

Pointcom Rating: 8.2/10

The best thing about the Solaire is how easily you can customize it. Buyers will get a firm setting that does the job according to their needs. Couples might appreciate the low motion transfer, breathability, and customizability of the Solaire. Another good feature for couples wanting to use an adjustable base is that the Solaire comes in an upper-flex and a standard model. The upper-flex model is split in the middle so that one side can be downward and the other can be set upright. This means that one partner can sleep sitting up and the other lying down. The model was created to function with the Lineal adjustable bed from the company. We recommend that you check out that bed if you are interested in this feature also.


Interior Build


The organic cotton cover of the Solaire is quilted, and there is some memory foam to give the initial pressure relief to the sleeper. Below the cover, you will get a plush top layer of gel memory foam. This slow response to the pressure points gives sinkage and body contouring. The foam also means free of any heavy metals or harmful chemicals. A layer of Talalay latex foam gives some support and bounce to the bed. Below the latex is a thin moisture barrier that prevents condensation. Following that are the vulcanized air chambers of the Solaire. These chambers are enveloped by a power edge enclosure that prevents sagging. The air chambers are adjustable and can be controlled through a remote. 


The air chambers have a multi-directional box construction. This prevents any overnight deflating. These layers are supported by a section of poly foam that is of high density. This gives a robust core to the mattress.


Usage Experience


Pressure relief and pain go hand in hand. We tested the ability of the mattress in this department. It showed us how much discomfort a user may get in different sleeping positions and where the pain may happen. Regardless of the firmness setting, we thought that the mattress gave good pressure relief as we did not really get any points of tension at our hips, shoulders, or low back. With the options of numerous settings and the capability to get your personal choice of medium firmness, we think this bed does a good job for all types of sleepers. No matter the preference, any sufferer of back pain will get the right combination of support and pressure relief. With a cover and a foam comfort layer, all the sleeping positions will be able to get their own comfortable cradle in the Solaire.


For us, a medium-level setting gave us pressure relief and contouring to our liking, relieving our shoulder pain. The foam in the mattress will also be advantageous to people with hip pain. We recommend a medium setting to give the correct amount of comfort, contour, and sinkage to help you all night long. But, if the user sleeps on their stomach, they may like to hike up the setting a little to avoid the hips sinking too much into the bed.


Comfort Factor


Any sleeper will get a firmness setting that will feel good to them. The strict side sleepers should get a medium setting to get sinkage and deep pressure relief around the hips and shoulders. Stomach sleepers will like a setting that is more than medium as it will help them keep their hips on top of the mattress. The firm support will keep the spines neutrally aligned and prevent back pain.




This high-tech mattress permits you to choose the firmness level according to your preferences. The Solaire mattress is great for couples who want varying levels of firmness or for people who want to relieve body pain along with the requisite support.

Solaire Adjustable Mattress


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