ReST Original Smart Bed

MSRP range

$4,549 - $9,098

The ReST original smart bed is very different from most of the beds you will get online. The ReST Bed utilizes smart tech and specialized air chambers to give customized support for the users. Also, the ReST Bed has Purple’s unique grid for the comfort layer to give more function than its rivals.




- Automatic adjustability

- Separate air chambers


Best For


- Couples with varying sleeping preferences

- People who need edge support and motion isolation


Not For


- Stomach sleepers

- People who do not like to feel stuck


Price Range: $4,549 - $9,098

Pointcom Rating: 7.8 / 10


Interior Build


As users might think, the ReST Bed has a very unique design. The mattress is quite different from the usual multi-layer foam mattresses. The ReST Bed is an adjustable air mattress. The bed includes polyurethane air chambers that are medical-grade and serve as the main foundation of the ReST Bed. Lying on the air chambers is a data point smart sensor grid that gives the mobile app and pumps data. Next comes the memory foam. It functions as a soft transition layer from the sensor grid and the air chambers to the main comfort layer. The Purple grid functions as the main comfort layer for the ReST Bed. It has been created from Hyper-Elastic Polymer. This gives the bed a very unique feeling. The Sleep Skin is the cover for the bed. It has been created out of a cooling fabric that is machine washable and removable. The total thickness of the ReST Bed is more than twelve inches. The original ReST Bed is mostly the same, except it has an additional layer of memory foam instead of the Purple Grid. The bed does not have any latex inside it.


Usage Experience


We should begin by mentioning that the ReST Bed is a great choice for couples, especially those with varied sleeping requirements. The mattress has been purposely constructed to accommodate different sleepers simultaneously. As said earlier, each side of the mattress contains more than four separate air chambers. This means that every individual can control their own side of the mattress using the mobile app. This is great news for those couples who cannot compromise on what they require from a bed. We are also keen on mentioning that the ReST Bed gives the split top and split king models for those couples who utilize adjustable bases. The ReST Bed comes with an interlocking foam around the edges, which prevents any bowing or sagging. We found that the mattress gives more than sufficient support around the edges. We do not think that couples will get any issues with the ReST Bed in this area. Although you will get good responsiveness from the Purple Grid, we also did not get any major issues with motion transfer. The ReST Bed is not the top mattress on the market in this department, but it is not bad either. We think that couples will like the features of this bed. You will get a restful sleep as long as your partner is not wildly moving around the whole night.


Comfort Factor


It may sound odd, but the feel of the mattress actually hinges on the level of comfort or firmness that the user chooses within the app. If you choose a soft setting in the app, you will feel more of the Purple Grid on the top. The Purple Grid has a responsive and gel-like feeling attached to it. It is a very special sensation that many individuals really like. This explains the popularity of the Purple Beds over the past many years. If the user chooses a firm setting in the app, the feel of the Purple Grid becomes less noticeable since the air chambers push up against the layers at the top. We will say that the ReST Bed has more of a neutral feeling when the firm preferences are chosen in the app. It is mainly up to you as far as the firmness levels go. That is one of the top advantages of an adjustable air bed. The user gets to choose what firmness levels they require. They can even opt for the sensors to do it for them. Whether you like firm or soft beds, you can easily use the app to modify the air levels within the chambers until you obtain the exact pressure support or relief that you want.



There are a lot of things to relish about the ReST Bed. It has a hefty price tag when compared to the other bed-in-a-box beds. But you cannot slot the ReST Bed in that category. If you want this bed, chances are the budget or cost is not your primary concern.

ReST Original Smart Bed


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