Ghost SmartBed

MSRP range

$1,745 - $2,520

The Ghost SmartBed – 3D Matrix is another online mattress from the brand. But it is not like the original mattress from the company, which had an all-foam build with synthetic latex. This bed has many layers of memory foam with a supportive innerspring core. But the haters of memory foam will still like this mattress because it is more supportive than most of the other ones on the market.




- Hybrid mattress

- Cooling cover


Best For


- People who want a hybrid bed

- Couples who have different sleep positions


Not For


- People who do not want a responsive bed

- Those who need a truly firm or soft bed


Price Range: $1,745 - $2,520

Pointcom Rating: 8 / 10


Interior Build


The mattress utilizes a single-inch layer of high-density support foam for the layer on the bottom. From a user’s perspective, you will not even feel this layer. It has been installed more to serve as a foundation for the coils laid above. The following layer has a robust layer of individually wrapped coils on that particular note. This gives the Ghost SmartBed mattress a strong framework of support. The Ghost SmartBed also ensures that they provide reinforced coils along the edges of the mattress to see that the users get great edge support when they roll over on the sides. On the top of the coils lies a layer of soft transition foam. As you may guess, this layer functions as the transition from the hard steel coils laid below. After that, the Ghost SmartBed utilizes a couple of separate thin layers of gel memory foam. They combine to give users pressure relief and function as the main comfort layers for the mattress, unlike the original mattress which had synthetic latex.




Finally, without utilizing the cover, the Ghost SmartBed has a unique cooling fabric. This will assist the user in sleeping cool throughout the whole night. We have noticed this before with the other top beds from the brand. The Luxe mattress by the brand also utilizes the same type of material in the cover to regulate the heat. Overall, we were quite happy with the construction of the Ghost SmartBed. If you want a durable and thick mattress that will last for a long period, the mattress fits the bill.


Usage Experience


The Ghost SmartBed gets top marks from us when it comes to edge support. The edge of the mattress is robust. As the sleeper goes towards the side of the bed, they will feel very supported and never as if they will roll off the mattress. The Ghost SmartBed also does a good job of motion isolation. Even if your partner moves throughout the night, your sleep will not be disturbed. If you place a glass of water on the bed, it does not get disturbed if you move on the other side of the bed.


Comfort Factor


Although the Ghost SmartBed utilizes many layers of memory foam, we will not consider the bed a pure memory foam mattress. Sleepers will say that the bed has memory foam when lying down on it. But, they will say that the Ghost SmartBed has more of a natural feel. The top layers do not just conform to the body as much as the top layers of the competing mattresses. We think that the best way to describe the feel of this mattress would be that it has a complete neutral-foam feeling with a hint of memory foam. The Ghost SmartBed is a very comfy bed. We enjoyed that it sort of creates a fine balance between neutral foam and memory foam. We think it is somewhere near the center of the fairway for many users out there. Users who enjoy memory foam will like the mattress, as will the sleepers who do not really enjoy the feel of memory foam. We can safely say that the vast majority of users will really enjoy the Ghost SmartBed mattress. We think the bed is somewhere around a medium on the scale when it comes to the hardness levels. We will say that it is a very accommodating bed that gives a nice balance between support and pressure relief.




Overall, we were quite happy with the Ghost SmartBed mattress. We feel that it is the top mattress that the brand provides. It is not easy to get many negatives with this bed. The only thing that we can grip about is the cost of the Ghost SmartBed mattress. Some other hybrid beds on the market are just as adjusting but more pocket-friendly. Still, if the cost is not an issue with you, you will find it difficult to defeat this mattress.

Ghost SmartBed


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