Air-Pedic 800 Series Mattress

MSRP range

$3,149 - $4,999

The Air-Pedic 800 series mattress features a flawless amalgamation of a responsive 1-inch hyper gel plush-top cooling layer along with a 1.5-inch support layer that offers added ventilation and pressure relief. Below is a 1.5-inch HD Flex-Comfort layer to support the curves while alleviating the pressure points. Each layer of the Air-Pedic 800 series is designed scientifically to provide firm support and ultimate comfort to the back. 



- 6-chamber, multi-zone adjustable technology

- Gel-infused foam comfort layer

- Special lumbar support control 


Best For:

- People who suffer from back pain

- Couples with different firmness preference


Not For:

- People who are on a tight budget

- Sleepers who are technology averse


Price: $3,149 - $4,999

Pointcom Rating: 8.5/10

Interior Build 

The Kool-Flow micro-vented bamboo viscous covering of the Air-Pedic 800 series is both soft and breathable as well. The foam used to manufacture the Air-Pedic 800 series mattress is CertiPUR-US certified and made in the U.S. The transition between the Air Pedic series mattresses foam layer and air chamber features a 2-inch Resili-Flex support layer. In contrast, the bottom 6-chamber multi-zone air system is designed to facilitate perfect spinal alignment. 


Usage Experience

The Air-Pedic 800 series mattress features fully adjustable air chambers on each side and the supportive foam on top that offers people the best sleep. The Air-Pedic 800 series is a perfect choice for a wide range of sleepers and ticks a lot of boxes. It allows the users to enjoy adjustability and comes with temperature balancing benefits. The Air-Pedic 800 series mattress has been performing well in the market. 


Comfort Factor

When one thinks of an air-adjustable mattress, one name that comes to mind is Air-Pedic 800 series. Believed to be a luxury air mattress, it offers stiff competition to the major players in terms of comfort and support. The Air-Pedic 800 series is made with six air chambers that allow it to target pressure points by adjusting the shoulders, lumbar, and legs separately. The mattress delivers greater adjustability for all body types and all kinds of sleepers. The Air-Pedic 800 series enables you to adjust the lumbar region and lets you enjoy the best spinal alignment and support. The Mattress Checker app enables you to ensure your spine is straight and aligned. 


Edge Support

The edge support helps you ensure that you can utilize the full surface of the mattress without the fear of falling off the bed. This factor comes into consideration for couples sharing smaller beds or for senior citizens who might just need to use the support of the edge of the bed to get into and out of bed. The Air-Pedic 800 series comes with an extra encasement for the edge support. The edge support ensures that you feel comfortable while you sit on the edge of the bed and do not feel that the mattress is compressing. 


Finding the Correct Setting

Since the Air-Pedic 800 series mattresses are fully adjustable, they are well suited to multiple types of sleepers. The best thing about these mattresses is that they offer different firmness settings on either side of the bed. For example, if you prefer a firm mattress, but your partner is comfortable using an extra soft mattress, then you both can enjoy a restful sleep without compromising; as you grow and cross multiple stages of life, your body changes, and so does the requirement. Adjustable air mattresses can be set according to the needs of your body so that you never have to sacrifice your comfort. 



The Air-Pedic 800 series mattress offers optimum comfort and encourages proper spinal alignment. The gel-infused and cooling layers help to keep hot sleepers comfortable, while the availability in multiple sizes accommodates the requirements of various individuals, couples, and families. 

Air-Pedic 800 Series Mattress


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