Birch Latex Mattress

MSRP range

$1,049 - $1,799

You can buy a Birch latex mattress if you want an all-natural bed that utilizes wool fibers and organic cotton. The mattress from Helix Sleep is comfy and eco-friendly. Many consumers have opted to buy Birch latex mattresses. In this review, we will tell you all about the feel and build of the mattress so you can get ample reasons to buy Birch latex mattresses.



- Latex build

- Responsive


Best For

- People looking for a responsive mattress

- Sleepers looking for a firm bed


Not For 

- People who do not like bouncy beds

- Those looking for soft mattresses


Price Range: $1,049 - $1,799

Pointcom Rating: 8.2 / 10

The company has the goal to create the planet’s most environmentally-friendly sleep products with the Birch line. It is not the sole company on the market to launch a line with this goal. However, the brand has shown its commitment through its materials. The materials have been taken from sustainable supply chains only. The company has a highly accommodating mattress lineup. They have a product for every body type and sleeper. So, it is a no-brainer that they started the Birch Latex Mattress. Latex beds have a lot of advantages. They are antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and durable. They are also very friendly and safer for the environment than the usual hybrid or foam bed.


But high-quality materials are not the sole reason to consider the Birch Latex Mattress. We will go through all the elements of the mattress.


Interior Build

The Birch Latex Mattress has a thickness of more than ten inches and has several layers. The materials utilized have been taken from nature. All the products of the Birch line are assembled in the US. No Birch Latex Mattress will go through more than 100 miles from any facility to your home in the US. The mattress has a certification of Greenguard Gold. This means that it has been tested for toxic compounds and is safe for sensitive people such as children. The Birch Latex Mattress has an organic cotton cover. It absorbs all the moisture and boosts airflow to help the temperature of the bed go down.


Usage Experience 

The Birch Latex Mattress does not give top motion isolation results. The buoyant lift gives excellent mobility. But it means that night-time movements are going to disturb the other person sharing the bed. Couples who get easily disturbed by night-time movements can go for a mattress with a thick layer of foam to get the ideal motion isolation. The Birch Latex Mattress is good for intimacy too. It is very easy to move on it, and you will feel being lifted by it. Although we should add that a glass of water placed on one side of the mattress did not spill when there was motion on the other side of the bed.


Comfort Factor 

The temperature is super cool on the mattress. This is excellent news for couples and hot sleepers. There is great breathability due to the latex layers and natural wool. This helps to prevent body heat from being trapped in the mattress. The Birch Latex Mattress has good edge support. The Birch Latex Mattress has been created to be firm around the edges of the bed. This ensures that you will not fall off the sides of the bed. We have seen mattresses with better edge support. But it is not a deal-breaker by any means for this mattress also.


The Birch Latex Mattress is suitable for people who are looking for a firm bed. If you are petite and do not sink into the layers, the mattress will feel like a medium-firm bed to you. The bed is also quite bouncy. This means that combo sleepers will be able to switch sleeping positions quite easily. The Birch Latex Mattress will make it feel like you are lifted on the bed and not sinking into it. People who like a supportive mattress will love this product. If you want to sink into the mattress a little, you can add the pillow topper from the lineup.



There are many pricey organic and all-natural mattresses in the market. So, it is not shocking to see even pricier products elsewhere. This is truer for latex foam beds. Still, the Birch Latex Mattress gives excellent value for the price you are paying. The bed is very comfortable and cozy to sleep on. The materials are non-toxic and completely sourced from nature. If you have the budget required and are interested in a slightly hard organic mattress, you can opt for this product. You have a risk-free trial so that you do not regret your decision. If you want to keep it, you will have made a difference to the reforestation activities.

Birch Latex Mattress


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