The EcoCloud Mattress

MSRP range

$1,299 - $2,199

WinkBed has quickly become one of the most popular brands in the bedding industry. Now, it has arrived with its latest product which is the EcoCloud mattress. All of these mattresses have one thing in common. Each mattress ships for free. Also, you will get a 120-night free trial from the day you receive the mattress. Let us see if the EcoCloud mattress lives up to the name of the company.



- Keep temperatures cool

- Supports all sleeping positions


Best For 

- People looking for a soft latex foam bed

- Combo sleepers


Not For 

- People on a budget

- Those who like memory foam


Price Range: $1,299 - $2,199

Pointcom Rating: 8/10

Winkbeds has already created a lot of flutter in the market with its original mattress, GravityLux mattress, and MemoryLux. Due to the trial period, you will have four months to find out whether you like the EcoCloud mattress or not. But do not be hasty and return the bed within a month. The company would like you to use it for at least a month before you try to return it. The EcoCloud comes rolled up and compressed in a small box. All mattresses by the company are built to order. So, you can expect your order of the EcoCloud to take at least one or two weeks to arrive. You can also pay a fee of $99 if you want a professional to set up the mattress for you and take away your old mattress.


Interior Build

The EcoCloud takes you very close to nature. You will feel as if you are sleeping in the lap of mother nature. All the materials are eco-friendly. This includes the steel coils and the cover. The first layer is a proprietary one from the brand. It is a system of innerspring that is firmer at the edges. This increases the edge support of the mattress and reduces the sagging. There are individually wrapped coils on the inside of the innerspring edges. These have been tempered three times. This is a step that heats the coils to give them more strength. The next layer is the Talalay latex foam. This is where you will find most of your comfort. The latex foam is softer for the hips and the shoulders and gives firm support to the lower back.


Cover Quality 

The EcoCloud’s cover has the involvement of organic cotton in it. It also has a GOTS certification. The cotton is free of any toxic materials and has been harvested responsibly.


Usage Experience 

Memory foam is one of the hottest materials to sleep on. Some proprietary foams retain the heat of the sleeper’s body. The EcoCloud has been developed with coils and latex foam. So, we feel that it is quite neutral in temperature. The coils allow good airflow throughout the mattress. The latex foam is neither cold nor hot. Most people will be pretty comfortable throughout their sleep cycle without getting overheated. Couples also look for edge support and motion isolation in mattresses. We placed a glass of water on one side of the mattress and rolled it on the other side. The water did move, but the glass did not tip over. Thus, the mattress is average in the category of motion isolation. This is like many other latex beds on the market.


A mattress with good edge support helps to expand the effective area of the bed as people can sleep on the outer edges of the mattress without feeling as if they will fall off it. This is even more valid for people who have to share a smaller-sized bed. As mentioned earlier, the EcoCloud was created to have strong edge support. So, it is among the top edge support mattresses for us. The EcoCloud is a very good bed for couples. This is ideal for people who want a mattress with organic and natural materials.


Comfort Factor 

The EcoCloud shows you why it has the word cloud in its name. The top layer of the bed is very airy and light. It feels very similar to a cloud or a marshmallow. Latex foam is usually quite soft. The extra plushness makes it feel like a softer latex hybrid. It is comfy and nice but also very supportive due to the durable and strong coils. The EcoCloud is also highly responsive and bouncy due to the combination of latex foam and coils. The mattress is only available in medium firmness. The EcoCloud is also pressure-relieving due to the latex foam. The coils give resistance and support where it is required.



Our conclusion is pretty straightforward. You may be looking for a natural, organic mattress and not be bound by a tight budget. Then, the EcoCloud should be your choice of mattress. This is even more valid if you are going to share the bed. It accommodates all body types and sleeping positions. But it has been developed to have great edge support.

The EcoCloud Mattress


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