Spindle Organic Latex Mattress

MSRP range

$1,600 - $3,000

Many online bedding brands give you a risk-free trial for a few months, along with a decade-long warranty and free shipping and returns. The Spindle organic latex mattress goes even beyond that. It gives you a trial period of a whole year. After spending a year with it, you may be among a few not satisfied with the 10" organic latex mattress. No issues. You can easily return the Spindle organic latex mattress. No questions asked. The brand will pick it up from your doorstep and give you back the entire cost of the 10" organic latex mattress. Only a few others, such as DreamCloud, offer a similar trial period.



- Affordable latex mattress

- Firmness can be adjusted


Best For 

- People looking for value for money

- Combo sleepers


Not For

- People who want professionals to assemble the bed

- Sleepers wanting a latex hybrid bed


Price Range: $1,600 - $3,000

Pointcom Rating: 8/10

Interior Build

Let us take a deep dive into the construction of the 10" organic latex mattress. The brand provides the Spindle organic latex mattress in several different levels of firmness. These are extra firm, firm, medium, and soft. We have tested the medium firmness. It had several layers of natural latex. A couple of the layers were termed as a medium. The other one was termed as firm. Customers can easily layer these as they would like to change the firmness levels of the bed. We decided to place the firm layer amidst the medium layers.


You may like a softer or firmer bed. Then, it is easy and swift to change the build of the mattress. This is a great advantage of the Spindle organic latex mattress. You can change the firmness whenever you feel like it.


Cover Quality 

The Spindle organic latex mattress has a cover with a non-chemical, earthy smell. This is because it has been created with an inch of EcoWool batting. This is uncertified organic wool. The batting has been attached to organic cotton material. The brand states that most of the material is grown domestically. It is sourced from India, Texas, and New Mexico. The cover of the mattress can be easily removed. But you should not try to dry clean or wash the mattress. The Spindle organic latex mattress may get dirty. Then you can spot clean the area with some warm water and mild soap.


The Spindle organic latex mattress is also quite heavy. It is much heavier than many other beds that we have come across. Latex foam is also bendable. As a result, you get a bed that cannot be moved so easily. So if you are planning on changing houses soon, you better look for some methods on how to move the mattress.


Usage Experience 

Latex foam is quite cooler than several other types of foam. This is more true for memory foam. The company has officially stated that this mattress will not be a great fit for hot sleepers. But we think otherwise. Most latex mattresses are cooler than foam beds. We hope that the brand is just trying to play it safe with this message. The Spindle organic latex mattress does not have great motion isolation capabilities. It is average. It will be satisfactory for most people. But you may have a person sharing the bed with you that tends to move a lot at night. Then, it would be best to search for other mattresses with better motion isolation properties.


The bed has moderate edge support. This is found on many all-foam mattresses and latex beds usually. But the edge support can be more if you give the necessary time to align the sides of the mattress perfectly with the bed frame. Edge support is also higher on firm beds.


Comfort Factor 

The Spindle organic latex mattress is given in several different firmness levels. The medium firmness is the most preferred option for most. But there is no need to feel trapped when you choose any firmness level. You can mix and match the layers of latex to give the type of firmness that you want. Similar to many latex mattresses, the mattresses get very springy. The bed is very similar in feeling to one of its closest rivals, an all-natural latex mattress. Side sleepers will also not feel discomfort when using the mattress. However, you may want to change the layering to choose what feels best for you.


You can easily switch sleeping positions on the Spindle organic latex mattress due to its responsiveness. But you may want a different kind of firmness on the top layer. It will vary according to the individual. The Spindle organic latex mattress is a good choice for stomach and back sleepers. The latex layers are springy and give support to the lower back and hips area. Stomach and back sleepers will like the firmer mattresses. This is why we like to suggest the firm model first.



The Spindle organic latex mattress is a good choice if looking for a value for money option. But the assembly of the bed is a challenge. It can take a lot of time to get the whole thing set up. But this is reflected in the cost as it comes at a much lower price than similar latex beds on the market.

Spindle Organic Latex Mattress


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