GhostBed Natural Mattress

MSRP range

$545 - $1,250

The GhostBed natural mattress is a value-for-money mattress created by one of the veterans of the bedding industry called Nature's Sleep. The GhostBed natural mattress is comfortable and has medium firmness. It is good for most sleeping positions and body types. The mattress has been created with latex. The material is known for its great durability. The GhostBed natural mattress is a good choice if you are searching for an affordable latex foam mattress.



- Latex build

- Affordability


Best For 

- People wanting a foam mattress

- Budget shoppers


Not For 

- Heavy people

- People looking for a coil bed


Price Range: $545 - $1,250

Pointcom Rating: 8.2 / 10

The GhostBed natural mattress is an all-foam bed. It has been created from latex foam, memory foam, and polyfoam. Each of these foams forms one layer. Usually, latex mattresses are very costly. This is when compared to some of its main rivals and many of the other beds online. The great thing with the GhostBed natural mattress is that buyers get the advantages of latex. But they are not paying the premium prices that are usually tagged with such beds.


Cover Quality


The GhostBed natural mattress has a cover that has been created from polyester and is very soft. It does not give any special advantages. But we do not have any complaints about it either. It does get dirty more rapidly than other covers. The cover can be removed like some other mattresses. But you cannot wash it in the machine. So it is advisable never to take off the cover. It is not required and costs inconvenience. But sometimes you may need to do some cleaning because you spilled something on it. Just get some mild soap and warm water and spot clean till the stain comes off.


You may be rotating and flipping your innerspring mattress regularly. But many mattresses nowadays have a bottom side and a top side. The GhostBed natural mattress is also one of these mattresses. So, please do not flip the bed. You can try to rotate the mattresses in regular periods to elongate their lifespan.


Usage Experience


The GhostBed natural mattress is recommended for those who share their bed with a pet or a partner. Couples will like the motion isolation and edge support given by the bed. The edge support helps because sharing the bed often means the people spread out to occupy the edges of the bed. The GhostBed natural mattress gives you great edge support. So, you will not face the risk of falling off the bed when you get to the edges at night. Motion isolation is how the bed helps to restrict cross-bed motion. Great motion isolation leads to not getting disturbed by your partner's movements in the night. The GhostBed natural mattress does a great job of restricting the motion transfer. You can easily get off the bed at night for some nighttime television viewing if you want that. But remember to keep the volume down.


Comfort Factor


The GhostBed natural mattress has a layer of latex foam. The mattress gives a feeling of all the different foam materials rather than just the top layer's feeling. It is also a little slow to get back into shape after the pressure is released. The latex beds have a feeling of sponginess to them that helps to give good responsiveness. The center layer of the foam overpowers the characteristic in the bed. The GhostBed natural mattress is a medium on the firmness scale. This is not a very hard bed. It also has great support. This is thanks to the latex foam.


The GhostBed natural mattress gives great pressure relief. This is very vital if you are a side sleeper. It envelops the body to relieve the pressure points. Heavy people will get more relief than petite people. The GhostBed natural mattress does not keep sleepers cool, but it does not get hot either. The brand states that the gel memory foam will keep the mattress cool. You will sleep on the top of the bed if you are petite and will feel cooler. If you are heavy, you will sink and sleep a little warm.




The GhostBed natural mattress is not our favorite in the world. But it is suitable and comfortable for all types of sleepers. Many online consumers will like the mattress. There is latex foam for more support. The bed has an ambiguous feel that will feel better than a latex bed. It is also thicker than its rivals on the market.

GhostBed Natural Mattress


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