DreamCloud Premier

MSRP range

$899 - $1,599

The DreamCloud Premier is one of the top-tier models of the brand. It is among the best gel hybrid mattresses in the market. The DreamCloud Premier is more premium than the original and is taller with more layers. It has many interesting features that make it different from the original. Our review will determine why the DreamCloud Premier is touted to be one of the best gel hybrid mattresses around.



- Hybrid construction

- Feeling of Pillow-top


Best For 

- People who want a hybrid bed with coils

- If you need a memory foam mattress


Not For

- Sleepers needing a truly soft mattress

- People not looking to go above $800


Price Range: $899 - $1,599

Pointcom Rating: 9.0 / 10


Interior Build

The DreamCloud Premier is a hybrid bed that has polyfoam, memory foam, and coils. The mattress is more than 13 inches thick and is built from many separate layers. There is one more model, the DreamCloud Premier Rest, which has nearly 16 inches due to two inches of extra foam.



The DreamCloud Premier has several levels of foam near the surface. This leads to the person feeling the foam while using the bed. But it is not overbearing or off-putting. The Euro-top has two different comfort foams. They easily balance out the feeling of memory foam. The DreamCloud Premier has a feeling of pillow-top and a little bit of foam. The DreamCloud Premier Rest is a little softer and luxurious.


Usage Experience 

The DreamCloud Premier has good edge support. When a person lies down or sits on the edges of the bed, it gives reasonable support to them. This is a very useful feature for couples who have size limitations for their mattress. They can easily spread out without any discomfort or fear of falling off. The DreamCloud Premier ensures that the edges will not crease, and you will not find yourself on the floor in the middle of the night. There are many memory foam beds and several hybrid beds where the edge support is not very high. The edges compress, and there is a lingering feeling that you might slip from the bed. The DreamCloud Premier will give the sleeper no such concerns.


The DreamCloud Premier has satisfactory motion isolation also. The mattress has coils that will always give a little bounce to the sleeper. Still, it is not very noticeable or bothersome. For a spring or hybrid mattress, the DreamCloud Premier does great work of silencing the motions on the bed. So, this is not an area that should concern you if you are considering the mattress.


Comfort Factor

The DreamCloud Premier is quite responsive as a mattress. The memory foam does not give you a sinking feeling, and it also has thick pocketed coils. Changing positions while sleeping does not take a lot of effort. This assists in the person getting a better quality of sleep. On the firmness scale, the mattress is about medium to medium-firm. The Rest model is a little softer and can be termed between medium and medium-soft. The DreamCloud Premier is not highly pressure-relieving. This is because it is a little hard on the firmness scale. But the comfort layers and the memory foam helps to soften it out a bit. The Premier Rest gives you the maximum pressure relief in this lineup. This is because it is softer than the Premium and provides better support to pressure points.


You will not get hot when using DreamCloud Premier. The mattress is soft and will contour according to your body. But the pillow top gives some support to ensure that you do not feel like the top layers are making you sink into the bed. There is also a good amount of airflow due to the coils in the mattress. The DreamCloud Premier can be safely seen as a temperature-neutral mattress.



The DreamCloud Premier is a hybrid mattress of great build quality. It gives buyers something of everything. These include a euro pillow top, memory foam, and coils. Also, the bed is very good at satisfying most of the sizes and shapes of people and their sleeping positions. The price point also gives you great value for money. There are not many 13-inch plus hybrid mattresses on the market that are so decently priced. The DreamCloud Premier is one of the best gel hybrid mattresses for combination, stomach, and back sleepers.


DreamCloud Premier


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