Winkbeds Gravity Lux

MSRP range

$1,099 - $1,999

The Winkbeds Gravity Lux is the luxury memory foam bed that is created in the United States itself. The brand is well known for the luxury memory foam beds they produce. They are good enough to be placed in any top hotel. Have we piqued your interest? Then read our review to find out everything about this innovative mattress.



- Many firmness options

- Premium


Best For

- If you want memory foam

- If you want to select your firmness


Not For 

- People wanting an innerspring or hybrid mattress

- Budget-conscious buyers


Price Range: $1,099 - $1,999

Pointcom Rating: 8.2 / 10


You will get white glove delivery and free shipping when you order any luxury memory foam beds from the company. So, you will get the mattress delivered directly to your home in nearly two weeks or sooner. With the delivery, a professional will set up the mattress at your house. This way, you will not have to do anything.


Interior Build 

The Winkbeds Gravity Lux claims to be the next-gen memory foam. This means the construction of the mattress is different from the standard memory foam mattresses on the market. And it is somewhat different. The mattress is twelve inches thick. The foam inside has been certified by CertiPUR-US. It has been created without mercury, flame retardants, ozone-depleting agents, and other chemicals you would avoid encountering every night.


Cover Quality 

The Winkbeds Gravity Lux has a cover that is created with Tencel. It is obtained from Eucalyptus trees and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This means that it is a sustainable process. The foam has been certified as OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 1. It is entirely safe, even for children. The mattress is also friendlier for the environment than materials such as cotton. This is because it requires less water to create. The Winkbeds Gravity Lux has a feel and look that is matching with the rest of the construction. It looks fresh and expensive. It is also very soft to touch. The cover is very pleasing to the eye and looks set for a hotel suite.


But the cover is not removable. Naturally, it cannot be used in a washing machine. So be ready to spot clean the cover if there are any stains or dirt. You will require some water and a soft detergent to clean the cover. Do not get it too wet. Let the cover dry out completely before you put it on the bedsheets.


Usage Experience 

The Winkbeds Gravity Lux has average edge support. But it will be fine for the majority of buyers. Edge supports are only required if the mattress space is restricted. The Winkbeds Gravity Lux also silenced motion pretty successfully. Even if you roll around the bed, the water will not spill over if a glass of water is kept on it. Thus, people will have a good night’s sleep with the Winkbeds Gravity Lux.


Comfort Factor 

The bed we have reviewed is the medium firmness model. This is indeed a true medium on the firmness scale. You can also opt for a soft model. We thought that it was more on the medium-soft side. There is also the firm model, which we again thought was medium-firm. The Winkbeds Gravity Lux mattress feels like memory foam with a soft pillow top. It is a little softer than its closest rival. We did not feel that the mattress did anything extraordinary as the brand claimed it to be. The bed is very comfortable, but nothing exceptional.


The Winkbeds Gravity Lux has an ace up its sleeve, and that is its responsiveness. Typically, memory foam is a little slow to get back to its original shape after giving pressure. But that is simply not the case with the Winkbeds Gravity Lux. It never provides the user with a feeling of being stuck. This translates to great comfort for the sleeper. This mattress could be great for people who are usually not keen on memory foam mattresses. This is because the feeling of memory foam is not very much on this one.



The Winkbeds Gravity Lux has some great things going for it. It has an incredible pressure response and focused support construction. The prices are high and are hard to justify when compared to the flagship model. But if you have got this amount of cash for a foam mattress and are not looking for a hybrid model, then you should go for it without a doubt. It is premium, comfortable, and has a construction you will never find on memory foam mattresses.

Winkbeds Gravity Lux


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