T&N Original Mattress

MSRP range

$645 - $1,095

Many people seek a mattress that gives comfort and reliability without costing an arm and a leg. That is what the T&N original mattress provides. Many people are trusting customers of this brand. This has propelled it to be among the best bedding companies in the market. Our review will help you understand the charm behind the T&N original mattress and the brand.



- Affordable

- It covers a lot of points


Best For

- People looking for value for money

- People who sleep on the side, stomach, and back


Not For

- People wanting a thick mattress

- Heavy people on the lookout for more support


Price Range: $645 - $1,095

Pointcom Rating: 8.6 / 10

The Tuft and Needle original mattress are one of the top mattresses for people who want to cover the most based on a budget. The Tuft and Needle original mattress is value for money. This is truer if you want a comfy bed that has a neutral-foam feel. The support and quality are not less by any means, even with the Tuft and Needle original mattresses’ affordability.


Interior Build 

The T&N original mattress is a ten-inch bed with two layers only. This is one of the reasons behind its affordability. The top layer is a three-inch adaptive foam for temperature control and comfort. The bottom layer is seven inches of polyurethane foam for added support. Having only two layers does not make it a bad mattress. Many sleepers enjoy the T&N original mattress. 


Cover Quality 

The mattress has an upgraded cover. Earlier, it was a little transparent, and you could see the foam underneath the cover. Many did not feel bothered by it. But some buyers felt that it robbed the mattress of a premium look. The present cover is made of polyamide and polyester and has a soft-touch texture. The cover has a zipper on the bottom, and it is easily removable. But we do not recommend you to remove it even if you want to clean it. Instead, get a mattress protector if you’re going to keep the mattress clean and wish to protect it against stains. The company provides one on its official website. You can also opt for spot cleaning whenever there are stains or dirt on the cover.


Usage Experience

The T&N original mattress does not have excellent edge support like several other all-foam beds. There is nothing remarkable about it, but it gets the job done. You may be thinking of sharing a full-size mattress or a twin XL. Then, you should think of getting a firmer mattress or purchase a bigger size. Still, you will not find many mattresses at this cost with great edge support. The T&N original mattress is quite good at movement silencing. It is not the greatest for light sleepers and those wanting complete motion isolation. But it is satisfactory. Overall, it is quite good for a mattress without any memory foam.


The T&N original mattress is temperature neutral. It does not come with any phase change cooling materials, such as some of its rivals. But it will not get nearly as hot as a traditional memory foam mattress. The top layer of the foam and the cover are airy. This helps to keep temperatures down. This is in no way a proper cooling mattress. But this is what you will get at this price.


Comfort Factor 

The T&N original mattress is a more neutral and softer foam. It is bland in a good way, comfortable, and quite accommodating. It is so neutral that anyone can easily get comfortable on it. The T&N original mattress has about medium softness. The mattress is in a sweet spot where many sleepers will find the bed quite comfy. The T&N original mattress originally is a little firmer than a complete medium. But it gets softer with continued usage. One good thing about the mattress is that it is very responsive. This means that it reacts instantly to pressure. Also, it gets back into shape rapidly. This is unlike a memory foam mattress that has a lasting body impression.


It is not extremely pressure relieving. But combination sleepers will be able to rotate positions without any difficulty. The T&N original mattress is not plush soft. But the firmness is dependent on the body type of the sleeper. The responsiveness of a mattress helps to find out if it facilitates different sleeping positions. Memory foam mattresses need some effort from the sleeper to rotate between positions. This can make the sleeper restless as they have to give more energy to change positions.



The T&N original mattress is not perfect. But it covers a lot for its price point. The bed is accommodating and comfortable. It is all about giving you the most bang for your buck. There is nothing pathbreaking about the mattress. But people on a budget should try to find out more about it.

T&N Original Mattress


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