The Coggins Boat Shoe By Rancourt & Co.

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Rancourt & Co. The Coggins Boat Shoe is a custom-made shoe and an outstanding result of the collaboration between Huckberry x David Coggins. It is a limited edition, and every pair is handcrafted in Lewiston, Maine, with a refined aesthetic and robust build. It is handcrafted from quality Horween Carolina Brown Chromexcel leather in order to ensure that these shoes exceed David's standards for great design and craftsmanship. They are arguably an ideal pair of footwear that is highly versatile to dress down and up, easy to slip on and off, and offers incredible comfort. The Coggins Boat Shoe is top on the list of boat shoes and an incredible pair to add to the wardrobe. 


Produce Details

Material: Waxy Leather

Upper: Horween’s Carolina Brown Chromexcel

Midsole: Leather

Outsole: Rubber

Foot Width: Normal

Fastening: Laces

Best For: Casual and Party

Gender: Men



- Comfortable, Quality construction

- Incredibly soft material, Non-marking sole

- Durable build, Excellent traction

- Beautiful and classic look 



- They are expensive

- Sizing is a bit off


Price: $315.00

Pointcom Rating: 8.9/10

Rancourt & Co. The Coggins Boat Shoe is a long-lasting and quality gear that is just perfect for establishing your credentials on the ground in every room you enter. It is an incredibly comfortable and supportive shoe that assures overall style and warmth. Wearing this one-of-a-kind leather boat shoe will make you feel like a celebration in every step that you take. They are built with all the features that a wearer might look for in a boat shoe. However, they are on the expensive side and require a person to spend quite a large sum for a pair of boat shoes compared to alternative options available in the market. However, Rancourt & Co. The Coggins Boat Shoe features make it worth the money and an excellent pick for all footwear lovers. 


Quality Build

The Rancourt & Co. boat shoe is crafted with waxy pull-up leather, which is light in weight and highly durable. It is built atop an outsole prepared from French-sourced all-natural rubber and a genuine handsewn moccasin construction that assures a lifetime usage of this footwear. The shoe also features heavy-duty, leather mid-soles and water-resistant leather material that naturally molds according to the feel and provides the wearer with a barefoot feeling. 


Extra Supportive and Comfortable

This unlined, custom-crafted boat shoe is highly regarded for its remarkable support and comfort, along with exceptional traction and durability. Rancourt & Co. The Coggins Boat Shoe is unlined in order to provide the wearer with all-day breathability and comfort, irrespective of the season or weather conditions. Apart from this, these shoes have a 100% natural rubber outsole with a rugged look and are extremely supportive and cushioned. This ensures astounding traction on all surfaces. Having these boat shoes on, you can steadily keep moving even on wet surfaces. 


Style and Versatility 

Keeping attributes aside, Rancourt & Co. boat shoe has a unique style statement. It is an instantly identifiable menswear staple that can be paired with all the outfits. These are the kind of shoes that will ensure you never run out of casual outfit possibilities. It is an excellent combination of traditional feel and modern interpretation. With these shoes in your closet, you can dress up and down and can easily uplift your everyday outfit within minutes. 


Three-way Collaboration

The Coggins Boat Shoe is actually a three-way collaboration between outdoor aficionado David Coggins, heritage shoemaker Rancourt & Co., and Huckberry. The company teamed up with David to design the limited-edition boat shoe and Huckberry to sell it on their e-commerce platform. David provided the classic, timeless boat shoe silhouette a spin and came up with Rancourt & Co. This Coggins shoe is a limited edition. Every pair is crafted on the basis of David’s travel inspiration to Beaufort, South Carolina.


Final Verdict

It’s quite a daunting task to pick the right pair of footwear packed with all the features– but with Rancourt & Co. The Coggins Boat Shoe, you don’t have to look any further. Although it is a little bit expensive, it is a significant investment that provides everything you need. It is crafted with marvelous features that make it a casual staple everyone must have in their shoe collection. While it is highly recommended for comfort, style, and durability, you must be careful with the sizing. Check the size chart and get the right fit for you. 


The Coggins Boat Shoe By Rancourt & Co.


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