Thursday Vanguard Boots For Men

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The Vanguard is an ultimate recreation of the vintage 1940s American service boot. This pair of footwear is a perfect blend of aesthetic and functionality, making it an ideal choice for discerning boot fans. Thursday Vanguard Boots are high-quality boots that are thoughtfully handcrafted to go the extra mile. They have a simple yet classic look and are so comfortable that you will feel at ease throughout the day. These boots have an incredible construction, traction, durability, and a style that makes them a perfect go-to pair for all boots enthusiasts.


Produce Details

Material: French Roast Chromexcel Horween Leather

Construction: Goodyear Welt 

Insole: Poron Antimicrobial 

Midsole: Cork-Bed 

Outsole: Durable Studded Rubber 



- Well crafted boots, Offers the softest touch

- Provides all-day comfort, Incredible grip on all surfaces

- Water-resistant, Versatile and durable 

- High-quality, Outstanding customer service 



- Expensive

- Size issues


Price: $265

Pointcom Rating: 8/10


Boots have a unique style, and hence they are considered a key element of fashion. One such pair of boots is the Thursday Vanguard Boot.  It is a versatile pair of footwear that you can pull off with any outfit. The boots are crafted by expert artisans who believe in ethical sourcing and responsible manufacturing. These boots have a clean and timeless design with Goodyear welt construction. While you might find these boots a bit expensive, they do not compromise quality and manufacturing. This makes them a great addition to the footwear wardrobe. 


Responsible Manufacturing

The company believes in responsible manufacturing to keep up with the values and ensure minimum wastage. They are committed to fair-labor and take into consideration the environment while manufacturing the shoes. The same goes for the Thursday Vanguard Boots. This makes it a great choice not just for your feet but also for the environment. 


Quality Material

The boots are completely designed and developed with quality materials. It has full glove leather interior lining and cork-bed midsole with the softest touch and all-day comfort. They have a high-quality, 100% leather upper, which improves with each passing year. Not just the upper, the laces are also of leather material which lends a rugged look and ensures durability. Apart from this, the Thursday Vanguard Boots have a studded rubber outsole which provides them with an extra grip and traction. This makes them work on all surfaces and terrains. 


Thoughtful Design

When it comes to design, you can never go wrong with the Vanguard boots. From the first design to product testing, the brand has put a lot of thought and creativity into Thursday Vanguard Boots. Every aspect of footwear is thoroughly designed to prepare you for the unexpected. Once designed, they are meticulously tested to make the footwear experience fun and not at all stressful. 


About The Company

Founded in 2014, Thursday Boot Co. is a new player in the market. Eight years ago, it was started with an aim to craft a perfect pair of boots that can offer the best experience to the wearer. They have a team of experts committed to quality and believe in crafting boots that are as functional as they are fashionable. They care deeply about the product they make, and hence, they surround themselves with world-class suppliers and skilled artisans. They stick to their ethical and quality standards and produce only the footwear they can be proud of. 


Final Words

The Vanguard is a classic pair of footwear that looks both refined and rugged. They are decent boots that can be worn all day long without hurting the feet. Right from the lining to the midsole, these boots are loaded with thoughtful detailing so that you can go the extra mile with full confidence. They are comfortable, versatile, sophisticated, and incredibly durable. The Thursday Vanguard Boots can go a long way if taken care of with little love and attention. Even though they are expensive, their quality and offerings make them worth the money. Trust us; they are an excellent deal that will surely complement your wardrobe. 


Thursday Vanguard Boots For Men


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