Danner Men's Mountain Light II Boot

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Danner Men's Mountain Light II Boot is a US-made hiking boot known for its unrivaled quality, durability, and support. It is high-duty comfort footwear made with superior craftsmanship, keeping backpackers and hikers in mind. Whether it's a quick hike or a backpacking journey, these leather boots will always be on your side. They deliver uncompromising durability and a beautiful fit along with breathable performance and waterproof protection. Having them on will help you explore different terrains without hurting your feet. In a nutshell, we can say that Mountain Light II Black by Danner is a cut-above-the-rest boot that you must add to your footwear collection. 


Produce Details

Shaft Height: 5"

Insulation: Non-Insulated

Footbed: Airthotic

Shank: Fiberglass

Lining: Waterproof

Sole: Vibram Kletterlift

Liner: Gore-Tex

Outsole: Vibram 148 Kletterlift

Recraftable: Yes

Midsole: EVA

Upper: Full-grain leather

Best Use: Backpacking

Footwear Closure: Lace-up

Gender: Male

Manufacturing: Made in the USA



- Unmatched quality and durability, Waterproof protection 

- Lightweight and highly comfortable, Shock absorption

- Great traction and stability, Secure fit



- Might cause blisters after prolonged use

- Too expensive


Price: $400.00

Pointcom Rating: 8/10

Danner Men's Mountain Light II Boot is one of the best shoes in the Mountain Light series of hiking boots. It is an upgraded version of classic mountain boots but is still designed with the same commitment to superior craftsmanship as the company had been doing since 1932. It is a heritage pair of boots that offers excellent durability and comfort along with great traction and support on all terrains. They are designed with weight material that offers a snug fit and lasts for a lifetime. Apart from this, Danner Men’s Mountain Light II boots have a stitched-down construction that can be easily recreated in the future. The recrafting service helps in adding years to the boot's lifetime. With so much to offer, these boots never fail to amaze outdoor lovers.  


Incredible, Quality Inbuilt 

Mountain Light II Black boots by Denner are remarkably built footwear with one-piece full-grain leather, which goes through six different tests to ensure quality and durability. It also has a simple finish and minimal seams that eliminates the opening in the tongue area and guarantees greater protection to the toes. In the heels, these boots have molded polyurethane instep cups to support the foot's arch and ensure airflow within the boot. For balancing the waterproof and breathability, they have Gore-Tex liners. This allows moisture and sweat to get out and keeps the feet dry all day long. Apart from this, the Vibram Kletterlift outsole does not add to the weight of the boots and offers unmatched comfort to the wearer. This outsole is also equipped with shock absorption technology and guarantees optimal traction. Some adventurous souls may not prefer its sleek, slender profile. But apart from this, the Danner Mountain Light II boot is a great pick for your journey. 


Final Verdict 

Considering all the features and the downside of Mountain Light II Black boots, we can say that they are a great investment. For the backpackers who are always up to hit the trail and don’t mind purchasing leather boots at a premium price, the Danner Mountain Light II boot is a solid option. These boots have everything you need, from lightweight comfort to ultimate traction and shock absorption. While these boots remain incomparable, on the flip side, they are criticized for the narrow fit and the high price. However, if the price tag is not a problem for you, then grab Danner Men's Mountain Light II Boot in the right size and enjoy a great addition to your footwear wardrobe. 

Danner Men's Mountain Light II Boot


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