Dunlop DuraPro Steel Toe Rain Boots

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The Dunlop DuraPro Steel Toe has brought together protection and comfort with superior traction for light to medium-duty work settings. It is an incredible work rain boot that can withstand extreme weather conditions, including a rainstorm and hurricane. These work boots pack an impressive punch, making them a perfect pair for everyday trips into the wet outdoors. Having these boots by your side, you need not worry about wet feet or soggy socks. They will keep your feet dry, protected, and cozy to help you concentrate on your job.


Produce Details:

Footwear Style: Boot

Brand: Dunlop

Product Type: Work Boots

Material Boot Shaft: Polyblend

Material Outsole: Polyblend

Color Boot Shaft: Blue

Toe Cap: Steel

Oil Resistant Outsole: Yes

Insole: Dunlop's removable DuraPro 

Energy-Absorbing: No

Electrical Insulation: Insulating

Material: Thermoplastic Urethane

Shaft Type: Mid-Calf

Closure Type: Pull-On



- 100% waterproof, Protective toe cap

- ASTM - certified, Lightweight, comfortable design

- Fuel oil & chemical resistant, 360-degree pull tab

- Outstanding durability & traction



- Size issues are possible

- Feels heavy


Price: $64.00

Pointcom Rating: 8/10

Rain boots are a purely utilitarian pair of footwear that is a must-have in every outdoor worker's wardrobe. While there are hundreds of rain boots options available in the market, Dunlop DuraPro Steel Toe is one of the best out there. It is a solid choice as it offers superior traction for people who have to deal with rainstorms while working. This makes them perfect to wear in any sort of extreme weather conditions and still keep the feet safe and healthy. These boots are aesthetic in appearance with a blue color shaft and black outsole. Also, they are highly durable and last for a long time. When it comes to maintenance, the dirt and grime can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth, and they also dry quickly. In a nutshell, these Dunlop work boots have everything that you could ask for at such a price tag. 


Quality Construction


The Dunlop DuraPro Steel Toe rain boots are heavy-duty boots whose shaft and outsole are crafted with polyblend PVC, which is oil, grease, as well as chemical-resistant. It has a steel toe for excellent insulation against electrical shocks and minimizing the risk of injuries. While this makes these boots strong enough, its TPU insole adds extra strength and stability. Also, they have a steel shank, ASTM-compliant steel toe cap, integrated ankle protection, and next-generation safety-loc design for safeguarding and shielding the feet and offering the ultimate wearing experience. Adding to the list, these boots are slip-resistant, making them a perfect partner while walking over a slippery surface. 


Comfortable Design


Dunlop has designed DuraPro Steel Toe rain boots with users in mind. Hence, they are beautifully crafted with great features. These boots have a TPU insole, which helps keep the balance and lets the wearer walk in comfort. The superior quality and construction of the boots ensure that you won't feel tired after wearing them for long working hours. While these boots have strong and resilient material, they won't compromise on softness and flexibility for a greater wearing experience. You can expect to rock them all day long without hurting the feet and making them feel sore or tired. While Dunlop DuraPro Steel Toe boots are quite comfortable, they are heavy in weight, making it difficult for some to carry them the entire day. 


Final Verdict:


The Dunlop DuraPro Steel Toe is a premium quality work boot that is an excellent choice for people from all walks of life. Its outstanding construction, exclusive features, and ultimate use of technology make them stand out from other boots in the market. Looking at this masterful pair of footwear, it is not wrong to say that Dunlop goes the extra mile to offer the wearer comfort in the form of boots. So, if protection matters but you are not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a rain boot, then the Dunlop DuraPro Steel Toe boot is the ideal pick for you. It is a pair of shoes you can't go wrong with. However, just make sure that you downsize while ordering. 

Dunlop DuraPro Steel Toe Rain Boots


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