Sandgrens Tokyo - Red Veg Clog

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Simple in design yet impactful in its appearance, the Sandgrens Tokyo clog is quintessential. It is an impeccable combination of low-heeled wood base, natural leather skins, and clog master's intrinsic ability. The wood clogs by Sandgrens are well-known worldwide and are an excellent starting point for individuals who are new to wearing wood shoes. These clogs are an ideal pair of footwear for all clog aficionados who want to take a break from high heels for a bit. Unlike other clog manufacturers, Sandgrens are known for crafting each pair on their own without using the machines. Since they are handcrafted, makers imbue them with their own distinct aesthetic. Tokyo - Red Veg Clog is expertly crafted and a perfect blend of style and function with vibrant color to match any outfit. 


Produce Details


Gender: Women, Origin:  Sweden

Colore: Red, Shoe Width: Medium

Heel height: 4.5 cm, Leather type: Vegetable tan leather

Base: European Lime Wood, Sole: Rubber sole

Fastening: Staples, Closure: Pull-On



- Low heel for ultimate comfort

- Unique aesthetic design

- Arch strap for additional support

- Easy-to-wear and durable

- Stylish and looks best with everything 

- Sturdy yet lightweight



- Leather is hard and stiff

- Sizing is different from regular footwears

- Expensive for a pair of clog


Price: $189.00

Pointcom Rating: 8/10  


Sandgrens Tokyo clog is handcrafted with top-notch craftsmanship and incredible features like soft rubber sole and Nubuck leather with a soft and velvety touch. They also come with arch support that provides utmost comfort even when walking for hours. Initially, you might experience some discomfort, but they will fit perfectly and make you feel like they are custom-made for you with continuous use. Whether you are getting ready on a casual day or dressing up for a party, putting these red Sandgrens Tokyo clog will enhance your overall look. 


Quality Leather

Sandgrens has years of experience in picking the best leather for their clogs. They are well known for their quality and combination of heritage, traditional Swedish workmanship, and antique influence with modern appeal. Red Sandgrens Tokyo clog is made up of one of their genuine leathers called Nubuck. It is an oiled, snuffed suede with a smoother feel and little knap. Using this leather provides the Tokyo - Red Veg Clog a characteristic look that will let the wearer shine among the rest. Apart from the striking look, it is comfortable and flexible and can easily conform to the shape of your feet.


Wooden Base

The wooden base is another main highlight of the Sandgrens Tokyo clog. The classic red-colored Tokyo clog is designed with European limewood, which is relatively lightweight and natural and offers the footwear its own unique appearance. Not just the weight, this wooden base is also known for not getting hot as quickly as other woods. This makes Tokyo - Red Veg Clog the right companion to your feet on hot summer days. 



With a nod to the past and an eye to the future, this classic red Sandgrens Tokyo clog is a timeless beauty that is as comfortable as it is stylish. Unarguably, this quintessential design will never go out of style, and slipping into it will make you feel comfortable yet confident even when you are walking all day. Apart from keeping you up with the fashion, it will offer immense comfort. With so much to offer in one product, Tokyo - Red Veg Clog is definitely worth buying.


Sandgrens Tokyo - Red Veg Clog


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