Bistro Clog For Men & Women

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Bistro Clog is one of Crocs' best pairs of footwear, specially designed keeping in mind some prominent professions like hospitality and healthcare. The company has ensured that they are lightweight and extremely supportive so that the wearer can enjoy them even through long shift hours. These clogs are incorporated with workplace-friendly features that will reduce the pressure on your feet, back, and joints. Believe us; all comfort lovers deserve ergonomic shoes like Bistro Clog.


Produce Details

Material: Croslite Resin

Sole: Thermoplastic Elastomers

Brand: Crocs

Sole Material Outer: Synthetic

Range: Work Bistro Clog

Closure: Pull-On

Backstrap: Hook-and-loop 

Insole: LiteRide foam 

Occasion: Casual

Shoe Width: Medium

Gender: Unisex



- Lightweight and washable, All-day comfort

- Easy to wear, Multi-purpose usage

- Value for money, Contoured footbed

- Low carbon footprint, Absorbs sweat and fluids 

- Exclusive slip-resistant technology



- Size issues

- Not so fashionable and stylish

- Strap seems questionable

- Might cause blisters


Price: $54.99

Pointcom Rating: 8.2/10

The Bistro Clog is a famous footwear specially designed for people who spend long hours on their feet. They are extra comfortable clogs with a roomy fit and incredible features that make them an ideal choice for chefs, working staff, and everyone in between. These clogs are slip-resistant and fully molded, allowing easy cleaning and quick drying of the clogs. Also, such a sole ensures outstanding grip even on oily, soapy, wet, and greasy surfaces. To further protect your feet from various spills while working, they have added toe protection and ultimate flexibility along with a thicker metatarsal area. It also has adjustable straps to let you dial in a perfect fit. If you are eager to buy them, they come in a range of color options that will help you serve up to your best all the time. They are also odor resistant to keep your feet fresh and smell-free the entire time.


Quality Construction

The Bistro Clog is made with innovative Croslite material with slip-resistant on the ceramic surface. The EVA material used in these footwear tends to get softened with the body's heat. Hence, after a certain use, it will mold itself and offer a beautiful fitting. These clogs also have a heel strap and maximum cushioning for greater comfort and breathability to the feet. The croslite material used in the construction of these remarkable clogs is perfect for reducing odor, bacteria, and fungal build-up, which further adds to its features. 


Low Maintenance

Everyone needs a pair of footwear that is easy to use and is low maintenance. One such pair is the Bistro Clog. They are effortless to clean and can dry quickly. You can simply wash them out with a damp cloth and soap. You don’t need to put extra effort into making them durable. All you need is to take basic care of them, and they will be with you for a long period of time. 


Comfortable Fit 

Clogs are highly known for the comfort level that they offer. The Bistro Clog has a contoured footbed that contributes to comfort and makes them easy to wear all day long. You can slip into them and feel like there’s nothing on your feet. The wearer doesn’t need to worry about annoying and painful blisters with these clogs. However, they can enjoy putting them on day and night effortlessly. They are light, soft, stable, and extremely comfortable, making them a valuable pick.



Clogs have come a long way, and Bistro Clog is one such great example. It is a remarkably designed clog by Crocs that is a much more affordable option to go for. Such clogs are explicitly designed for those who work in professions that require long working hours. They are a significant upgrade in the winter season from the beach croc because of the enclosed front. They will make you feel warmer than you think. Without a doubt, they are the most comfortable and versatile pair of footwear that will help you set the time at your own pace. When it comes to comfort, they are hard to beat. While they are not extremely stylish, you can team them up with all your clothes and trust them to stay intact on your feet and offer you relaxing vibes at work. Trust us; once you slip your feet into these clogs, you will not think of taking them off. 


Bistro Clog For Men & Women


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