Shuv Leather Clog: The FitFlop Legacy

MSRP range

$92 - $280

As a result of the pandemic, clogs have become one of the most fashionable options. The flip-flop slippers perform similarly to slippers by being soft and cozy to wear, but with a stylish design, height, and sole that are durable for long periods of time. For the past few years, every pair of shoes in the house has been a constant, placed next to our beds or near the door. There is no denying that we are not alone when it comes to the joy of shoes. They are essential for long shifts for doctors and nurses, as well as cooks and anyone who stands for long periods of time. Their looks are classy, combining elements of art teacher, modern parent, fashionable ceramicist, and a lot more. There have been a lot of articles in recent years devoted to clogs ranging from the fashionable models favored by the stars to hippies-inspired clogs that men prefer. So, to make it easier for you to decide what shoe best fits your style, we put together this review for Shuv Leather Clog.


  • Their durability makes them a good choice
  • An excellent value for the money
  • The perfect combination of style and comfort


  • The price is a bit high
  • An easy target for damage
  • A non-animal friendly product


Product Specification

  • 1-1/2" hidden wedge heel
  • Round-toe slip-on clogs
  • Microwobbleboard midsole with high cushioning; APMA Seal of Acceptance for footwear that promotes good foot health; built-in arch contours; there is no seam anywhere on the midsoles
  • Leather upper; rubber sole
  • Imported
  • Gender: Female


Price - $92 - $280

Functional clogs

The FitFlop line of super-cushioned sandals, functional slip-on, and fashionable footwear allows you to take your footwear game to the next level by sacrificing nothing in terms of comfort throughout the day. Each pair of FitFlop Shuv Leather Clog come with a selection of three sole materials that are designed biologically to provide a cushioned feeling that will coddle the feet for hours, making them the perfect choice when you're on the go. Shuv's technologically advanced patent-pending hidden wedge bottom allows you to slip on these chic, plush clogs while still retaining their chic looks.

Microwobbleboard Technology

Originally conceived by two pioneering British biomechanists, the Microwobbleboard midsole first appeared in the last decade. In addition to helping absorb shock, the midsole increases the contact area of the foot, as well as reduces the pressure underfoot.


In short, what is the science and technology behind these motion experts' Microwobbleboard? Apparently, Microwobbleboard shoes come in parts: a heel, midsection, and forefoot. Specifically, the rear heel is designed to support landing on it, while the midfoot middle is intentionally soft and less stable, and the front is designed with a more supportive "finger cap" section. Multiplying the layers creates a slightly unstable base that demands more muscle engagement as you step to maintain stability. The thing is small compared to the wobble boards that some gyms use to strengthen their legs and core.


The icon status of the Shuv Leather Clog is well deserved. Design lovers will love it. The favorite material of choreographers, artists, architects, and enthusiasts of all kinds. The beloved Shuv clogs are expertly crafted from a leather-only single-piece upper combined with a Microwobbleboard midsole, specially developed for improved pressure distribution, shock absorption, and comfort on the go. Extra comfort is ensured with the leather lining. A shoe that's fearlessly stylish and makes you happy on your feet no matter when you have to stand a lot. You can wear your leather clogs indoors or outdoors, it's a unique fashion statement.


Are you unsure of the size? Although their website provides a Fit Guide in centimeters, it is still useful if you want to order online for convenience. To find out how a particular style actually fits you, read online reviews relating to the style you're interested in.

Final Verdict

Shuv Leather Clog, a renowned comfort shoe, has benefited from a FitFlop upgrade. We look forward to wearing the new classic leather clog style, which features hidden cushioning underneath. In addition, there are shearling styles that are sure to catch the eye. You will never want to take them off; not only are they beautiful, but they are comfortable as well. There are plenty of minimalist trainers as well as classic loafers that are ideal transitional shoes. The overall impression of this collection is that you won't want to miss it.

Shuv Leather Clog: The FitFlop Legacy


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