Swiftwater Wave Flip For Men

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Men's Swiftwater Wave Flip can be perfectly described as an amphibious, athletic, and adventurous pair of footwear. These flip-flops have made the Swiftwater collection of Crocs even more streamlined. They are comfortable, durable, lightweight, and water-friendly, making them a great companion for all sports and outdoor activities. Having these sandals in your wardrobe will make dressing up a matter of seconds. Right from a casual look for a beach day out to a dinner date outfit, you can style these outstanding flip-flops everywhere. Trust us; the Swiftwater Wave Flip-Flop will exceed the standards that you look for in footwear. 


Produce Details

TPU upper: Soft Matlite

Fastening: Slip-On

Outer Material: Synthetic

Toe Style: Round Toe

Fitting: Standard

Lining: Crosite

Strap Style: T Bar

Style: Casual

Width: Medium

Gender: Male

Brand: Crocs

Generic Name: Flip-flop



- Incredibly lightweight and flexible, Feels secure on the foot

- Water-friendly and shock absorbent, 3600 comfort

- Ultimate traction around slick surfaces, Looks simple yet stylish 

- Versatile pair of flip-flops, Durable and long-lasting



- No-arch support 

- Larger in size 


Price: $29.99

Pointcom Rating: 7.4/10

Men's Swiftwater Wave Flip boasts outstanding features that offer a broken-in feel whenever they are on. These slippers are simple yet stylish, exactly what the brand is known for. The company has crafted a comfortable footbed, long-lasting outsole, incredible traction, and unmatched flexibility, making them an exquisite addition to the footwear wardrobe. Apart from this, they are globally loved for the less effort required to clean these slippers. If you ever step into a messy surface, these flip-flops will be by your side, and you can easily clean them up and make them look like new ones. Without a doubt, these are no less than a treat for every man who loves to add comfort to their everyday wear. 


Notable Comfort 


Men’s Swiftwater Wave flip-flops are ultra-lightweight and have a contoured footbed that cradles your foot on sunny days. They have Croslite construction for exceptional support and comfort. Also, these flip-flops have foam cushioning and soft straps to keep the feet happy all day long. Their 360-degree comfort will not let you want to take them off. 


Quality Material 


It has soft Matlite uppers and toe posts along with Signature Croslite foam that ensures iconic comfort underfoot. Also, it features a light Croslite outsole that gives non-slip traction without making these flip-flops heavy. Its incredible traction will ensure an easy ride on slick surfaces with tremendous confidence, regardless of the landscape. Its quality material also includes Croslite in a slip-on silhouette which is order-resistant, easy-to-clean, and quick drying. 


Stylish & Versatile


When you talk about men’s Swiftwater Wave flip-flops, you are not just slipping into comfort and durability but also a style statement. These beautiful flip-flops are trendy and fashionable that go well with all the looks, whether casual, athleisure, or a party look. You can elevate your entire appearance with these slippers without making much effort. They offer a minimal look that perfectly balances uniqueness and simplicity. Slipping into them won’t make you look outdoorsy and let you face any uncomfortable comments. 


About Crocs


Crocs is a global brand that is highly known for its basic and comfortable pair of footwear. It was founded in 2002 in Boulder, Colorado. Since then, it has offered the world over 120 styles of footwear for both men, women, and children. The brand has hundreds of thousands of shoes in its catalog that are loved by millions of people from different parts of the world. By capturing over 90+ countries, today, you can find the brand across the globe. Over the years, it has become a hallmark for uniting style, modern comfort, and incredible value. 


Final Verdict 


Men’s Swiftwater Wave flip-flops are an ideal choice for an effortless summer style. They are uber-cool footwear from Crocs packed with amazing features that are needed for a confident walking experience. These flip-flops are a testament to the quality, comfort, and convenience. Its flex outsole ensures easy motion, and soft TPU straps are the best for keeping your feet in place. Also, its soft perforated upper adds to the durability and lets the wearer breathe through the slippers. If you want to add more fashion to your closet without sacrificing comfort, these men’s Swiftwater Wave flip-flops are the ones for you. So, get yourself a pair of Swiftwater Wave flip-flops and let your feet enjoy some fresh air. Once you have these, your feet will thank you for them. 


Swiftwater Wave Flip For Men


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