Reef Draftsmen Sandals

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The Reef Draftsmen Sandals are the best leather option for strolling around on a beach vacation. These sandals feature high-quality leather, a highly abrasion-resistant molded rubber non-marking outsole, and Reef quality EVA midsole. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of Reef Draftsmen Sandals:


Shoe Details

Upper:  Split leather

Materials:  EVA, leather, rubber, split leather

Insole: Leather

Outsole: Rubber

Midsole: EVA foam for lightweight cushioning

Footbed: Leather-lined with perforations for breathability and arch support

Made in: Brazil



- They look stylish & casual

- Bottle opener on sole

- They keep you party-ready

- The EVA midsole adds to every step you take

- The slip-on design accentuates your overall look



- The Reef Draftsmen Sandals are not durable

- The bottle opener gets clogged with mud

- Expensive compared to other sandals

- They are heavy and uncomfortable

- These sandals are stiff and may cause blisters 

- The stitching rubs on the outside of the feet


Starting Price: $64.95

Overall Pointcom Rating: 7.6/ 10

The Reef Draftsmen Sandals are made of eco-friendly water-based glues and are PVC-free. These are perfect for those who are always on the move or traveling. The strap and the full-grain premium leather footbed make for one of the most comfortable choices. You always look ready to rock the party when wearing the Reef Draftsmen Sandal. They give you the freedom to stroll around the town comfortably. It adds to your laid-back vacation, making you feel more relaxed and happy. The molded TQT (Thirst Quenching Technology) arch system makes for high-arch feet. The Reef Draftsmen is the perfect way to make your entry to the pool with soft straps & soles. 



Whether you want to hang around the garden, walk around your home, or chill by the poolside, Reef Draftsmen Sandals are a fantastic choice. These are the most comfortable pair of flip-flops around. The leather footbed and a built-in bottle opener on the bottom is an innovative feature. The strap is a single and soft leather piece, and it won’t cause chaffing. The comfort level for Draftsmen is adequate. They are the perfect sandals to keep you party-ready.


Support & Traction

Reef Draftsmen sandals are a bit flat in the footbed and are too narrow. They are one of the flattest flip flops, according to reviews. The narrow profile makes it feel tippy. The solid rubber sole helps shield the user from spikey bits. It works well even on treacherous river logs and slippery granite. 


Versatility, Style, & Value

The Reef Draftsmen Sandals are best suited for casual events, quick lunch, and beach vacations. You can go almost anywhere you wish to with these flip-flops. The built-in bottle opener on the bottom of the flop is just so unique and superb— you can open beer bottles on the go. This might sound a little bizarre at first, but it’s really cool. The Reef Draftsmen’s price might be a bit on the pricier side, but the comfort & its performance is just about excellent. 


Our Verdict

With vigorous research, user reviews, and personal experience, we know that this good-looking flip flop outperforms many sandals in several categories. It might sound like a quirky idea for a sandal to have a bottle opener, but it is highly innovative. They are the perfect pair for strolling around the beach. However, they are definitely not for post-workday footwear — they lack support & a supple feel. They are a bit narrow, according to a lot of reviewers. But, overall, the Reef Draftsmen Sandals scores well in comfort & style. 

Reef Draftsmen Sandals


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