Reef Fanning Sandals For Men's

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For over 35 years, Reef has been known for designing footwear for the surf and beach lifestyle. And their Fanning sandals for men are a great example. It is a great innovation to epitomize the glorious beach life while enjoying fantastic traction, comfort, and stability. These sandals are committed to making you have fun both inside and outside of the water, as well as on other adventures. They are durable, comfortable, and fashionable footwear with some fun gimmick elements. Reef Fanning Sandals features quality leather, incredible abrasion resistance with a non-marking sole. All of this makes it a great addition to your wardrobe. Let’s discover more about Fanning sandals for men.


Produce Details

Best Use: Casual

Gender: Men

Footwear Closure: Slip-on

Outsole: Rubber

Upper: Synthetic leather

Lining: Polyester mesh

Topsole: EVA

Midsole: EVA

Toe Coverage: Open Toe

Shoe Width: Medium




- Easy-to-wash and quick drying

- Water-friendly 

- Greater support and good fit

- No-slip traction

- Comfortable in all environments

- Extraordinary arch support

- Fashionable and innovative design

- Sturdy and durable




- A bit pricey for a sandal

- Has a narrow fit


Price: $60

Pointcom Rating: 7.5/10

Reef Fanning Sandals are made up of high-quality synthetics and wide, ergonomic, and comfortable straps to level up the footwear game. The footbed of these sandals is cushioned by high-rebound EVA, and the sole features 3600 airbags along with a famed bottle opener which makes them pretty exciting and one-of-its-kind footwear. Airbags in the heels make walking in Fanning sandals for men as light as air. Also, they are fitted with anatomical arch support and padded jersey-lined strap. With so many additions, it is easy to wear them all day long. Without a doubt, slipping into Reef Fanning Sandals will make you feel pumped and comfortable. 


Built-In Bottle Opener

One of the most incredible features of Reef Fanning Sandals is its built-in bottle opener. Having an opener in the sole is an interesting innovation that ensures you are ready for the beach party. It works great as a bit of fun novelty and helps in surfing like a legend. While this gimmick works great surfing or spending time in woods or near beaches, it could sometimes make the footwear slippery and uncomfortable. 


Greater Support

These sandals are provided with anatomical arch support which offers a refreshing vibe and a feeling of satisfaction while slipping your feet into it. Also, Fanning sandals for men have 360o airbags in the heels that create a secure cup and firm foundation for extraordinary support. Furthermore, the incredibly broad and ergonomic strap does a fantastic job keeping the foot in position even while moving fast or running. 


Incredibly Versatile 

Fanning sandals for men by Reef are incredibly adaptable and can be used in different environments. It has grippy soles, comfy straps, and a bottle opener, along with a fantastic design. All of this makes it perfect while surfing, cruising, hiking, or even while enjoying parties in the backyard. From rocky trails to the beach to the volleyball court, you are good-to-go anywhere with Reef Fanning Sandals. 


Final Words

For all the beach lovers, Reef Fanning Sandals are a perfect pair to add to the footwear collection. These sandals are designed to offer ultimate comfort, durability, and support without compromising on style. While they are definitely not a budget-friendly option to choose from, their gimmicky additions like heel airbags and a bottle opener make them dream sandals. This legendary sandal is indeed a game changer in casual footwear with all the offerings. 

Reef Fanning Sandals For Men's


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