Teva Cross Strap Trail Sandals

MSRP range

$ 49.99- $ 79.99

Teva cross strap trails are trendy, super fit, durable sandals designed for city streets. This all-day gear is also ideal for stern grip in all-terrain, giving comfort on every step. Let’s learn more about the sandal in detail.


Shoe Details

- Size available from 7 to 14

- Colors available in dark shadow, black, and olive 

- Strap type

- Multi-sport purpose

- Made of synthetic material



- Lightweight design, Water-resistant with quick-drying material

- True to its size and width, Multi straps to grip the feet

- Not too flashy, covering the central part of the foot, Resilient and durable

- Breathable, Shock absorbing midsole



- They are a bit expensive

- Fewer color variations

- No mid connection between bit straps


Price range - $ 49.99- $ 79.99

Pointcom Rating - 8.2 / 10

Teva is a favorite among sandal lovers, thanks to its design and comfortable products. They are customer-friendly and eco-friendly -- 100% of their iconic straps are manufactured from recycled materials. They are a little costly but supremely cozy. After using the sandals, they can be recycled with the Tevaforever program, another predominant feature that Teva offers. Wear these eco-friendly vegan sandals and work along with Teva toward 100% sustainability. 




The light soft straps in the Teva cross strap trail sandals look modern and perfectly secure your feet during day hikes. The two straps lined across the foot while the other strap around the ankle gives utmost protection. 


The ankle and mid velcro straps are aided with adjustable velcro hook and loop closure. Whereas the front strap is fixed as forward as possible, protecting toes from getting stubbed.




This outsole delivers resistance to abrasion with its Vibram mega grips that provide traction on all wet and dry surfaces. The heel and front part is marked with horizontal indentations for channeling out water. The sticky rubber gives you the adhesion to wet rocks and dry sand roads.




Teva cross strap trail sandals are contoured with EVA midsole, which is a unique lightweight foam. This inhibits the resilient quality of the sandals. The midsole is the key for comfort, which acts as a shock absorber to ease your walks. Midsole governs all the strains happening in your long run by serving underfoot protection. The sandal’s cushioning trait is possible because of this super support midsole.


Upper sole


Linings are provided with Ariaprene on the upper sole that provides comfort and friction against the foot. The quick-dry webbings are a unique feature, and it is due to the recycled plastics. The super-soft linings also ensure breathability.


Our verdict


The foot-friendly sandal is one of the best designs from Teva, differing from other products with the mid connecting strap. Though Teva removed that intentionally, the foot strap covers the forward part very carefully. The superior quality material is the reason for their high price. The longevity is guaranteed because of its heavy-duty, comfy midsole, cupped heels, and arched toe-end — it’s the best partner for all our day-to-day activities. Run, walk, hike, trek, Teva cross strap trails have got you covered. 


Teva Cross Strap Trail Sandals


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