Oakley Super Coil Sandal 2.0 For Men

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Whether you are planning to hang out at a beach, rest around the camp after a long hike, or just have to run to a nearby store, you can easily rock Oakley Super Coil Sandal 2.0 everywhere. It is a cushy flip-flop that is a perfect blend of style and all-day-long comfort and goes well with all outfits. Contrary to popular belief, sandals are a contemporary genre of footwear for men, and this Super Coil Sandal 2.0 is one among them. Right from its grip to design to comfort, this sandal is a perfect pair to have in your wardrobe. 


Produce Details


Upper Material: Molded Synthetic

Footbed: EVA

Sole: Rubber

Gender: Male

Product Color: Blackout

Weight: 1.0 pound

Toe post: Closure

Recommended Use: Casual



- Super comfortable

- Great traction

- Very durable

- Simple yet stylish 



- Hard sole, which is not preferred by all

- They are a little wide


Price: $47.99

Pointcom Rating: 7.5 / 10

Oakley Super Coil Sandal 2.0 is a cozy and extremely comfortable pair of slippers that is perfect for elevating your entire look. It is crafted with high-quality material keeping in mind the comfort of the wearer. Every step in these slippers will make you feel like a celebration because it offers traction and support like no other slippers. Oakley has designed this slipper in such a way that it moves naturally on all the surfaces, right from the sand to stone, from the beach to the mountain, and everywhere else. In a nutshell, it is one pair of footwear for all your needs, and having that in your wardrobe, you will end up slipping into it every time. 


Comfort Factor


Super Coil Sandal 2.0 slipper is crafted with a plush footbed and has a molded strap that contours to the foot to offer unmatched comfort. Your feet in this slipper will feel super comfortable because of the added softness & compliance. It elevates the warm-weather footwear with the help of a rugged rubber outsole and deep flex grooves. Along with this, it offers outstanding arch support, which will provide you a seamless feel even after walking in it all day long. 


Quality In-Built


Oakley Super Coil Sandal 2.0 has a traditional construction with a soft EVA footbed and rubber outsole. The quality footbed of the slipper is easy to clean and dries quickly and offers plush cushioning for great comfort. Also, the supercoil sandals are highly durable and provide ultimate traction on all surfaces. The company handpicks all the material, keeping in mind the wearer with an aim to offer the true barefoot feeling




Even though we have thousands of options available in the market, it is hard to pick one pair of slippers that you carry with your outfits without compromising comfort and style. But you don’t need to dig more. Oakley Super Coil Sandal 2.0 is one such slipper that is classic, comfortable, and gives a wonderful barefoot feeling. It is intended for both outdoor and indoor use, which makes it the right pick for daily usage. You can wear it year-round and with all the outfits and make them look effortlessly stylish in just a few seconds. Summing it up, it is the right choice if you want to keep it cozy & comfortable. So, we highly recommend all to add this to your footwear collection. 

Oakley Super Coil Sandal 2.0 For Men


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