Women's Cota - Apple

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The Women’s Cota - Apple is Itasca Leathergoods Cota Moccasins. These are all-natural crepe rubber soles that combine traditional moccasin construction with a natural barefoot that people have started to love over the years and a durable non-slip sole for the top style and comfort. You will get the same feel and fit in these Itasca Leathergoods Cota Moccasins as you do with traditional leather sole ones. You would love these Itasca Leathergoods Cota Moccasins even more if that were possible.




- Handcrafted

- Made in the USA




- Double sole construction

- Natural crepe rubber sole




- It is a mix of leather and synthetic

- The soft sole may not be liked by some


Price: $158

Pointcom Rating: 7 / 10

The Women’s Cota – Apple is made of one of the favorite new custom leathers of the company. They have worked directly with one of their tanneries to create a perfect line of leather for the moccasins. The hides are a little thick, but they are milled to be extremely supple. The Women’s Cota – Apple moccasin slippers have a waxy top finish and a great soft feel. The shoes break in quickly and wear very well. They are going to swiftly become one of your top go-to-pairs of footwear. The color is also perfect. While they are not as bright as fluorescent, they are amazing and very neutral in terms of wearability.


Interior Build


The Women’s Cota – Apple moccasins have a traditional soft sole construction to give a true barefoot feeling to the wearer. It enhances the comfort level of the shoes. The Women’s Cota – Apple moccasins have a double sole construction to last for a long time and give greater support to the feet. The Women’s Cota – Apple moccasins are intended for outdoor and indoor use. They can be utilized for a variety of different purposes and use cases. The shoes have an effortless slip-on style that helps wearers easily slip in and out of the shoes in all circumstances. The moccasins also have a lightly padded synthetic insole to be worn for a long time without causing any discomfort or blisters to the user. Further, the leather in the shoes is completely natural. So, you can rest assured of getting a quality product. The rest of the materials include full-grain cowhide, giving the feet another level of style and comfort.


You can go to the official website if you find it hard to fit your foot or find your exact size. They also support the earthing movement or if you want an all-natural construction for your shoes. The Women’s Cota – Apple moccasins will start off with a snug fit when you use them in the initial days. However, the leather will mold according to the shape of your foot as you break the shoes in and start wearing them for longer periods. The shoes also run quite true to size, and you will not get any surprises on that front.




The Women’s Cota – Apple is a canoe-style moccasin that is a classic and gives a wonderful barefoot feeling. The shoes can be worn all year-round in warmer locales, and they are great for spring through fall in the northern locations. When visiting the lake, the Women’s Cota – Apple moccasins can be easily worn with sundresses, leggings, shorts, capris, khakis, jeans, and beach cover-ups.

Women's Cota - Apple


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