Adults' Glerups Wool Slippers

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The adults’ Glerups wool slippers, open heel, are men’s slippers. They are highly durable and remain in top shape even after usage. The adults’ Glerups wool slippers and open heels are easy to get off and on, but they do not slip unwantedly from your feet. These men’s slippers will not make your feet smell or sweat. Also, they look minimalist but feel plush. Even though it seems a bit silly to think about the aesthetics of a house shoe, the neutral colors and elegant design are easy on the eyes.




Material: Wool

Shoe Tip: Open

Heel Type: Flat

Fastening: Slip-On

Shoe Fastener: Slip-On

Pattern: Plain

Details: Cut-Outs

Lining: Felt

Insole: Felt

Sole: Calfskin

Padding Type: Wool

Occasion: Casual

Generic Name: Slipper




- Anti-slip rubber sole

- Fleece sock liner




- Motifs may not be to everyone’s liking

- Too soft for some


Price Range: $80

Pointcom Rating: 7.8 / 10

Several people have been using the adults’ Glerups wool slippers, open heel, for many years. They have not found a better slipper since then. Once your feet get used to these comfortable and sleek woolen shoes, you will not be able to walk barefooted on the wooden floors of your house without them. The adults’ Glerups wool slippers also do not feel too hot on the feet despite being constructed out of wool. The notched rubber sole gives a little tread for brief outdoor walks or gliding on smooth floors. If you have to go outside to fetch a package, these men’s slippers will help you do the job easily. You can also wipe the soles of the slippers if you want to. There are many men’s slippers on the market that you may have tried over the years. This includes a set of budget-bin IKEA slippers with thin soles and coarse-feeling terry cloth, and floppy and shapeless Muji slippers. But once you try on the adults’ Glerups wool slippers and open heels, you will not bother with any other product.


When you buy any product, you want something that lasts for a long time. The adults’ Glerups wool slippers are built to last. These men’s slippers have a warranty of a year also. They come with simple instructions on prolonging life and caring for the wool. Since wool is self-cleaning, it will not get too dirty with time. The adults’ Glerups wool slippers, the open heel was constructed with much care. For years, the founders used wool from a flock of sheep in Denmark to create their shoes with a carding machine or by hand for friends and family. But nearly sixteen years ago, the founders expanded the production to a Romanian factory. Now, you can buy the men’s slippers online. You may even find yourself in the Glerups museum.


Interior Build


The adults’ Glerups wool slippers are one of the most durable wool options around. They are made from one single piece of felt. So, they are less likely to degrade or split after repeated wear. You can easily use the slippers for year-round use. The men’s slippers were brought to the Fashion Institute of Technology to determine their durability in a textile-testing laboratory. The researchers separated the soles of the slippers from the tops and tested the tensile strength of the fabric. The fabric maxed out at about three hundred pounds of force. The material was dented, but it did not break.




The adults’ Glerups wool slippers, open heel is a felt slipper made entirely of pure natural wool with a sole of soft calfskin. It is available in a variety of colors. The slipper is easy to jump into and very flexible. It keeps the feet dry and warm because of the great capacity of wool to absorb moisture.

Adults' Glerups Wool Slippers


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