Jessica Simpson Memory Foam Slip-On House Slippers for Women

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The Jessica Simpson house slipper is one of the most promising fuzzy and warm faux fur slippers for women. These are great for wearing inside as well as outdoors and fit very snugly. The faux fur is a very soft and pretty color. Plastic on the bottom is nice for indoors and outdoors. It is known for its affordable price and quality. These Jessica Simpson slippers are similar to the iconic Ugg Coquette Slippers but much less expensive. Ugg slippers cost $120 because of their higher quality due to the sturdy sole and genuine shearling lining. So, if you're not looking to spend a lot of money, the Jessica Simpon is a great option.



  • 100% Synthetic
  • Simple Sizing: Available in sizes Small (US 6-7), Medium (US 7-8), Large (US 8-9), and X-Large (US 9-10).
  • Memory Foam: Thick memory foam cushion add support and comfort for all-day wear
  • Anti-slip Sole: The textured bottom grips to the floor, preventing you from sliding or slipping
  • Style: Warm and fluffy scuff style slippers that will make you feel like you are stepping on clouds
  • Machine Washable: Do your slippers get dirty quickly? No problem. Simply throw your slippers in the washer to clean, and they will look as good as new



  • Suitable for wide feet
  • Affordable
  • Warm and cozy



  • Not very durable 
  • Slippers run small- we recommend selecting a size up


Price Range: $28.00

Pointcom Rating: 8.5/10

Jessica Simpson Memory Foam Slip-On House Slippers are the perfect slippers for women to purchase. These cuddly cuties are made of memory foam and mold to your feet to provide customized comfort. The slippers are available in nine different colors, ranging from a classic camel to a fiery burgundy and even leopard print. The sole is made with a textured bottom to keep you from slipping around the house. These slippers are also one of Amazon's bestselling slippers. It has a memory foam sole that feels like a personalized Tempur-Pedic mattress to keep your feet warm. 


For flat-footed people, the added support is particularly great. It also has a strong anti-slip sole, which is a huge plus. Jessica Simpson Memory Foam Slippers are long-lasting. The slippers range in size from Small to XX-Large. The shoes are available in eight colorways: black, leopard, grey, ivory, pink, purple, tan, and burgundy. Prices vary according to size and color, but the style ranges from $18 to $28. They are inexpensive and budget-friendly.


Interior Build


Jessica Simpson is the designer of cozy shoes and slippers for women. These comfortable slip-on are super stylish, with a faux-fur lining and a thick memory foam cushion to help add support for all-day wear. The sole has a textured bottom that grips the floor and keeps you from sliding. The sole of these slippers has memory foam padding that feels like a pillow. The fur lining is included within the shoe for an even cozier feel. The same fur folds over the edge, adding to how fluffy and voluminous they appear. Although the fur is deceptive, customers claim it feels exactly like the real thing. 


The rest of the shoe is made of a faux-suede material and is currently available in nine different colors. The slipper's bottom sole is designed with ridges to prevent slipping and sliding on smooth surfaces. Even though they are labeled as house slippers, they have a thick enough sole to be worn outside. Customers are ecstatic, and reviews claim that the grip on these slippers is incredible.




Jessica Simpson is an American singer who initiated her shoe line, which has seen many successful product launches. The Jessica Simpson brand has been built over years and years of consumer satisfaction. In total, she has been in business for over 16 years. Pair Jessica Simpson shoes with any outfit to take it to the next level. In keeping with its approachable and friendly approach to fashion, this brand offers a variety of eye-catching designs that are both comfortable and appealing. 


There are a variety of styles to choose from, ranging from sky-high stilettos to simple sandals. Wear Jessica Simpson boots with skinny jeans or tailored pants for an edgy look, or opt for a pair of flats for a more demure and chic look. If you want to flaunt your legs, wear Jessica Simpson heels to make them appear long and lean. To add a pop of personality to your look, choose flat or heeled sandals or any designs from their range of slippers for women with fun embellishments like studs or bows.

Jessica Simpson Memory Foam Slip-On House Slippers for Women


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