Nike Air Max 95

MSRP range

$170 USD - $190 USD

The Nike Air Max 95 is different from other Air Max sneakers in a lot of ways. The gradient & bold design is an absolute hit among sneaker enthusiasts. When it debuted in 1995, the sneaker was instantly loved, and Time Magazine also called it one of the best sneakers of the year. This pair of sneakers has been around for 25 years, and its popularity is still intact, thanks to its fantastic quality and usability. Nike Air Max 95 works well in terms of lifestyle uses and performance. Without further ado, let’s see how:


Shoe Details

Style: Dad, Chunky, Sporty, Classic

Closure: Laces

Material: Leather, Canvas, Mesh, Rubber Sole | Fabric

Technology: Air Cushion

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall

Features: Breathable

Origin: Asian

Lace Type: Cotton lace, Flat lace

Colorways: Black, White, Blue, Brown, Grey, Pink, Orange, Beige, Green, Purple, Yellow, Silver, Red


Pros (Based on customers reviews)

- Extraordinarily comfortable

- Looks effortlessly stylish & cool

- Scores high on design & innovation

- Available in different colorways

- The Nike Air Max 95 fits perfectly well

- Suitable for all occasions

- The shoes provide ample arch support

- It can be worn comfortably for long work hours

- They are sturdy & lightweight


Cons (Based on customers reviews)


- Shoes wear off quickly

- The Nike Air Max 95 is narrow and tight

- Easily gets dirty & cleaning them is a little difficult

- They are a bit on the pricier side


Starting Price: $170 USD - $190 USD

Overall Pointcom Rating: 8.6/10

The Nike Air Max 95 are the most innovative shoes among all the Air Max versions available. The price is slightly on the costlier side, but customers worldwide are still willing to pay for its fashionable aesthetics and lightweight cushioning. Nike Air Max 95 has been specifically designed to cater to users’ overall functionality and purpose needs. It is so designed that the look goes with everything— whether you are wearing chinos, long pants, short pants, or jeans. The shoe is made with different materials. Nike Air Max 95 are available in multiple versions -- Nike Air Max 95 NRG, Nike Air Max 95 Premium, Nike Air Max 95 SneakerBoot, Nike Air Max 95 Essential, Nike Air Max 95 iD, Nike Air Max 95 SE, and more. Let’s explore more about its features:


Size and fit

The Nike Air Max 95 has an excellent fit. As per the reviews we have been receiving, it is recommended that people with wider feet must choose a half size higher. You need to get your size correct for improved comfort. Built with a textile upper that includes supportive synthetic overlays, this shoe holds your feet at the right places and provides adequate support. It is available both in women’s and men’s sizing. 


Nike Air Max 95 Style

The Air Max 95 is not designed for running. It is designed with a layered upper, which restricts significant movement, and running might easily damage the sneakers. Earlier, the company had released a zipped version of the Nike Air Max 95, but they were a failure. The Nike Air Max 95 is mainly used as a lifestyle sneaker— and the overall aesthetic is extraordinarily impressive. They might look bulkier lying on the shelf, but when you actually wear them, they look perfect. They are available in several colorways, which you can match with your personal style. Take proper care of these stylish shoes to stay ahead in fashion.


Distinguishable Features of Nike Air Max 95

In this section, we will break down the key features of the Nike Air Max 95— upper, midsole, outsole, and padding. 


Nike Air Max 95 Upper: This includes leather & mesh stitched together, which gives it a layered look. The shoes produce a vibrant gradient pattern and layer different shades from the sides. However, the upper does not provide a decent stretch as you might expect. But despite the layered upper, the breathability is fantastic. 


Nike Air Max 95 Midsole: The air bubbles on the midsole are clearly visible. 


Nike Air Max 95 Heels: The sneakers’ elevation feels just right and provides decent support. It is not particularly good for running. The air bubbles provide good color contrast. 


Nike Air Max 95 Outsole: The grip is good as compared to other Air Max sneakers. And, the traction is satisfactory whether jogging or walking. The material used makes it durable. 


Nike Air Max 95 Padding: The firm padding along the tongue & collar offers excellent cushioning for the midfoot & ankles. 


Our Verdict

Nike Air Max 95 is comfortable and one of the most innovative of the Air Max versions. Despite being there for over two decades, it has maintained its reputation. The cost might be a little high, but that isn’t stopping the buyers. It offers something for everyone and is available in different styles & colorways; just find the best option as per your liking. 


Nike Air Max 95


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