Nike Challenger OG Men's Shoes

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The Nike Challenger OG Men's Shoes are durable, strong, and powerful. The company provides regular consumers and athletes with innovative sports equipment and gear that give great support and comfort. The Nike Challenger OG Men's Shoes is another stellar product from the stable of the very same brand.



- Material: Synthetic

- Shoe Tip: Close

- Heel Type: Flat

- Fastening: Lace-up

- Shoe Fastener: Lace-up

- Pattern: Plain

- Details: Prints

- Lining: Foam

- Insole: Foam

- Sole: Rubber Waffle

- Padding Type: Foam

- Occasion: Casual

- Generic Name: Sneakers



- Light 

- Evergreen look



- Lacks grip

- Narrow front


Price Range: $69.95

Pointcom Rating: 9.2 / 10

The Nike Challenger OG Men's Shoes are available in various styles. The shoes are yet another solution and sustainable innovation for athletes around the globe from the brand. The Nike Challenger OG Men's Shoes are long-lasting, comfy, and supportive and can be purchased from the comfort of your home. The shoes are a comeback from the original running sneakers that came out more than forty years ago alongside Daybreak and Tailwind. Just like the classic models, the relaunched Nike Challenger OG Men's Shoes have several materials on the upper portion. This includes suede, nylon, and mesh. These materials are incorporated in different combinations of vibrant hues. The Nike Challenger OG Men's shoe consumers enjoy the premium foam treatment that wraps around the ankle. They enjoy walking with these shoes as it cushions the feet and does not feel heavy for the user.


The Nike Challenger OG Men's Shoes are highly suitable for short runs and daily errands. There are many colors available for the shoes. A few of the colors used for this version are Habanero Red, Royal Blue, etc. The underside of the shoes is composed of the company's patented waffle sole that increases the vintage styling element of the shoes. It also assists in stimulating the bottom of the original model of the shoes. Some users point out that these shoes are quite light, just like the other running trainers from the company. Critics say the Nike Challenger OG Men's Shoes has shabby stitching and flimsy fabric. Coupled with the mesh materials used in the construction, the shoes look very worn out after only some outings. Also, the rubber sole of the shoes can lead the user to slip on smooth surfaces. So, users should walk on tiles with greater care.


Interior Build


The Nike Challenger OG Men's Shoes is a near-identical remake that gave users a different feel they got more than forty years ago. The shoes have breathable mesh, simmering fabric, and soft suedes. The shoes are a comfortable style statement because of their springy and sleek midsole and plush padding around the ankle. This gives the shoes some genuine old-time charisma. The variable-width lacing system was a revolution when released more than four decades ago. It helps you personalize your shoes' comfort level while keeping the heritage of the brand intact. The rich paneling gives durability to the shoes and a retro and sleek feel. The Nike Challenger OG Men's Shoes also have some select colorways to help the user shine. The logo has some stitching around the tail to give more edge. The shoes have a foam midsole and a rubber waffle sole.




The Nike Challenger OG Men's Shoes are loaded with old-time feels. It is highly comfortable and looks great. Users can wear it the whole day because of the underfoot's delicate cushioning. It gives a retro feeling like some of the more premium shoes from the brand. But it is much more budget-friendly. The Nike Challenger OG Men's Shoes are a great choice if you need the classic sneaker look on a certain budget. These are classic shoes that are also very breathable. The shoes are also suitable for both sporty and casual clothes. You can also opt for the nearly identical Daybreak if you need more toe area, or go for the Nike Waffle One Crater if you want great traction.

Nike Challenger OG Men's Shoes


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