Puma GV Special+ Sneakers

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The tennis legend Guillermo Vilas inspired the Puma GV Special+ sneakers. These sneakers give the users the speed and grip needed to step it up a notch on the roads and the tennis courts. The Puma GV Special+ sneakers have an outsole made from rubber that gives great grip, traction, and high durability. Even if you are sure of your footing, these shoes ensure ultimate reliability.



Material: Synthetic

Shoe Tip: Close

Heel Type: Flat

Fastening: Lace-up

Shoe Fastener: Lace-up

Pattern: Plain

Details: Prints

Lining: Foam

Insole: IMEVA

Sole: Rubber

Padding Type: Foam

Occasion: Casual

Generic Name: Sneakers



- Light

- Durable



- Utilitarian look

- Narrow front


Price Range: $70

Pointcom Rating: 9 / 10

The Puma GV Special+ sneakers have been in existence for nearly forty years. The shoes were first developed in association with Guillermo Vilas. The Argentinian was a tennis star, and his initials will always be associated with these very special sneakers. The grand slam champ was associated with the brand to develop a legendary sneaker that would be akin to the style and winning edge that the player had. The player's exemplary play and charming looks attracted many fans around the globe. He incorporated those same qualities on the highly sought-after Puma GV Special+ sneakers. The development of the shoes took many years. When the sneakers were finally released in the classic tennis shoe look of all-white, fans raved that it had a robust design along with a great cushioning system.


The Puma GV Special+ sneakers have incredible traction on the ground because the outsole has been created from rubber. The sneakers also provide the traction on tennis courts that had assisted the Argentine while playing on the clay courts. This is because the shoes give a great grip on hard surfaces. The cushioning system of the sneakers was also highly helpful to the player in making rapid movements on the court. This is especially after the player made his signature shot famous. He would hit the ball back to the rival between the legs. The Puma GV Special+ sneakers have remained nearly identical throughout the years. The black and white designs have become very famous among sneakerheads around the globe.


Interior Build


The Puma GV Special+ sneakers proudly wear their vintage good looks because it is classic trainer. You will really like the shoes if you enjoy all-white or all-black ensembles. The shoes will be a great complement to your outfit if that is the case. These shoes are for you if you like to wear your Puma all day long. The Puma GV Special+ sneakers are a good option if you require some vintage sneakers that are robust and can last for a long time with wear and tear. You may have to look elsewhere if you are concerned about the narrow ending of the shoes near the toes. If you think that many sneakers do not have the thickness of the tongue you need, you can skip this one and opt for shoes such as the Puma C-Rey. The Puma GV Special+ sneakers are pretty stylish and paired with many outfits. This is because of the simplistic design of the shoes. Many fans of vintage sneakers like the old-school looks.


It also has a very durable construction and can withstand long usage periods. You will also be surprised by the bouncy midsole of these sneakers. The arch support from the Puma GV Special+ sneakers is very good if you suffer from pronation issues.




The Puma GV Special+ sneakers are often overshadowed by the other vintage casual sneakers on the market. But it is a very special lineup that will last you a long time. One of the main attractions of the Puma GV Special+ sneakers is the comfy midsole. This makes it great for everyday usage. After opting to shell out your hard-earned cash for the sneakers, you will not get any buyer’s remorse. This is because the advantages are much more than the minor disadvantages. But some of these shoes go for a lot of money online, so you feel a heavy pinch on your purse. 

Puma GV Special+ Sneakers


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